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Thank you for your fantastic work here! User:FranzNahrada

Thanks for all the effort and hard work. As you can see, I slightly changed the front page and the table of contents. My thought on the front page was to maintain "above the fold" usability at the access point, so as not to direct people to one portion or another before they have a sense of where the overview is. I was concerned that the emphasis on part 1 and chapter 9 right at the front would do that, as well as making the "uses of this Wiki" which I think is very important appear "below the fold" for anyone wihtout a very long screen. As for the table of contents, I moved the front matter to the end, so that the initial access is to the substance, I removed the dedication, which I thought personal, and I made it clearer what the Mill quote was in relation to the book, because for those who have not seen the book it might have been confusing. Yochai

Disaster relief via internet

RE: User_talk:Jwalling

You may find these links of interest SourceForge Wiki Schema Standards Recovery 2.0 Open source disaster recovery

--Jwalling 15:37, 10 June 2006 (PDT)