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It is good to see you here. It is a great book, and wonderful that it has been released under a Creative Commons licence.

Btw, thanks for catching the error in the link to the offsite HTML version - an error of syntax on my behalf.

- gr

Hi - nice to meet you here. Time and again brings us together ;-) Lot to talk. hear you on Skype? F

Hi again. I think this could become a very interesting wiki and I would love to explore ways we could work together.
Btw, I visited your new Global Village wiki space at, but couldn't figure out how to login. Did I miss something?

Just add your WikiName in PW required, only for uploading files.

I would love to talk with you on Skype, but I keep having problems with sound on my system. Sooner or later I will need to fix it. Meanwhile, however, I would be happy to participate in text-based Skype sessions, which, at least for one-on-one chats are the functional equivalent of IRC - remember my presentation on irc at the Global Village Symposium? - gr

Of course. I learnt a lot of things from you....f