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Congratualtions and many thanks for this ground-breaking book, and especially for publishing it under a Creative Commons licence and establishing this wiki space - a space that has the potential of becoming a center of excellence, and of great wealth, in the virtually infinite, virtually free knowledge-based universe within which a new cradle of civilization is evolving. In a cascading process that continue to gain momentum towards this knowledge-based universe and that appears to be reaching a "tipping point", it will be the laws and properties of the networked information economy that will prevail. The transition seems inevitable, given that wealth in a knowledge-based universe is not constrained by the laws of conservation of mass and energy - information having zero mass and zero physical size - and is giving birth to a radically new meaning of '''free markets''', and the publication of the Wealth of Network is a major contribution to the transition.
I welcome the opportunity to contribute in such ways as I can to the growth and development of this wiki, and to explore other avenues of collaboration - e.g. in building on the initial stub I have written for the [[UN NGO community]] as the basis for a set of case studies - and for which I have compiled extensive digital archives - on the critical and evolving role of the networked information economy in the intensive growth in scale, diveristy and modalities of participation in the work of the United Nations since the beginning of preparations for the 1992 '''Earth Summit'''.
I fell in love with Wikipedia when I discovered it just over two years ago, however it was not too long before some of my contributions had led to successful ''Votes for deletion'' for pages on the evolution of [[information habitat|information habitats]] and [[information species]] and notably a page on [[red links]] that spoke of ''following the red link'' - entering an undefined space and planting the first seeds of presumed knowledge and understanding of an entity, trusting and committed to upholding the integrity of a self-correcting and evolving free information ecosystem - as analogous to ''swallowing the red pill'' in '''The Matrix''', but also to contribute to the establishment and development of pages relating to the Earth Summit and the UN NGO community and not before having had the opportunity to gain valuable insight and experience in the  dynamics and architecture of [[Wiki spaces]], and and to identify some enhancements needed to strengthen the integrity of the Wiki engine and Wiki spaces.
There is much more I would like to share, however, I must leave for a meeting at '''La Perla Garden''' - 105th & Columbus, in NYC - for which, inter alia, I am developing designs for a prototype interactive open source web site that will includes a community biodiversity maps linked to a body of common knowledge on species and biodiversity, that will also be integrated with the web site of the NGO Committee on Education at the UN that is focusing on the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World
Once again, congratulations and many thanks.
- [[User:Grandpa Ruh|gr]]

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