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I liked the idea of Bulleted text but producing the bulleted text is very time-consuming. Also, I am not sure there is a consensus where the bullets should be and at what depth?

On the other hand I found that the space added format makes the reading easier. It is also superior if you need to print the text and you want to annotate your printed version.

Since I am teaching a class in Brazil where I use the book and many of my students have no means to acquire the book in the printed version, I decided I better make a new format which solves these problems.

I called the new format "sentence-sliced text". The idea is simple: paragraphs are separated by horizontal lines, below which we record the page where the paragraph begins and a blank line is inserted between sentences.

I prepare this version importing the text from the html version, applying a few macros on it and recording the pages where paragraphs begin. That's all.

Imre Simon, 01Sep06