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Formatting bulleted chapters

This is a draft of an experimental formatting of Chapter 1, with the intention of offering an eaier-to-read version of the chapter, and based on an observation that the chapter - and the book - have a number of lengthy, complex paragraphs and the appreciation that in a digital environment, use of white space is not constrained by the economics of producing fibre-based information habitats such as books

  • Paragraph breaks have been relaced with thin horizontal lines: ----
  • Within paragraphs, sentences are separated by line breaks, and bulleted as seems reasonable

The bulleting of sentences has been relatively time-consuming. and the bulleting in this chapter is not yet complete

Note: The effect of the re-formatting / expansion of white space tends to be enhanced with padding and constraints on the display width, e.g. see for full text - with illustrations - and for a non-wiki html version of Chapter 1