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Formatting bulleted chapters

This is a draft of an experimental formatting of Chapter 1, with the intention of offering an eaier-to-read version of the chapter, and based on an observation that the chapter - and the book - have a number of lengthy, complex pargraphs and the appreciation that as space is essentially unlimited, a digital environment is not constrained by the economics of producing fibre-based information habitats such as books

  • Paragraph breaks have been relaced with thin horizontal lines: ----
  • Within paragraphs, sentences are separated by line breaks, and bulleted as seems reasonable

The bulleting of sentences has been more time consuming than had been anticipated, and the bulleting in this chapter is not yet complete

Note: The effect of the re-formatting tends to be enhanced with padding and constraints of the display, e.g. see for full text, and for non-wiki html version of Chapter 1