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just to add further clarification to my entry in the Supporting Examples tab, Joomla is a developer community fork of Mambo CMS, whereas ADempiere is a total community fork of Compiere. By total we have to to understand that Compiere is unique in the sense that it does not attract a solely techie community. It delves in ERP Enterprise Software (ES) which targets that Small Medium Business sector that is steep in Subject Matter Expertise (SME) which are largely non-techie or software oriented. Thus the community comprises of techies, SMEs, and also closely knit to users in the commercial environment (meaning its more of the CEOs making decisions rather than the CTOs).

The frustration felt in that community is thus viral, been closely knit and bazaar like. Thus when a debate occured, it quickly absorbed the bulk of it. Even though i am directly involved in this community, i tried to provide the author with an objective take of it. I have found much substantiation in this book that explains my observations and surely many questions we in the community tries to grapple with.

For example, we like to understand where do we go from here? How do we manage the forces of commercial users who are aprehensive towards a pure peer patron? Or set of anarchy-like run patrons, all on their own paths of organic-organisation. How do we steer forth and satisfy the many wants of the diverse community that is outgrowing its control structure, now seemingly content with Adam Smith's laisser fairz? What other tools or ideas of peer-networking can we further look forward to use to rope all in a coherent mass of such velocity? At least this book gave me some benchmarks. Also more precise articulations such as the dichotomy between been humanistic and general rather than political and particular and verbal weapons to use in my managing of our bazaar.

By this wiki-managed iterative interactions with the author, i hope to provide him with his requested actual human beings in actual historical settings (page 20).

- Red1 18:42, 4 December 2006 (PST)