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<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index.htm ">index</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1015.html ">index1015</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1035.html ">index1035</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1085.html ">index1085</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1199.html ">index1199</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1209.html ">index1209</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1220.html ">index1220</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1279.html ">index1279</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1293.html ">index1293</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1299.html ">index1299</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1349.html ">index1349</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1364.html ">index1364</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1374.html ">index1374</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1656.html ">index1656</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index171.html ">index171</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1720.html ">index1720</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1746.html ">index1746</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1748.html ">index1748</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1753.html ">index1753</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1866.html ">index1866</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1967.html ">index1967</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index1982.html ">index1982</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index203.html ">index203</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2166.html ">index2166</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2321.html ">index2321</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2410.html ">index2410</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2458.html ">index2458</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2543.html ">index2543</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2597.html ">index2597</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2681.html ">index2681</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index27.html ">index27</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2901.html ">index2901</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index2948.html ">index2948</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3062.html ">index3062</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index309.html ">index309</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3108.html ">index3108</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3117.html ">index3117</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3405.html ">index3405</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index341.html ">index341</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3515.html ">index3515</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3572.html ">index3572</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3753.html ">index3753</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3763.html ">index3763</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index3789.html ">index3789</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index41.html ">index41</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4154.html ">index4154</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4247.html ">index4247</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4371.html ">index4371</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4398.html ">index4398</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4402.html ">index4402</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4455.html ">index4455</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4475.html ">index4475</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4494.html ">index4494</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4544.html ">index4544</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4553.html ">index4553</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4762.html ">index4762</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4765.html ">index4765</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index4769.html ">index4769</a>
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<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index50.html ">index50</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index501.html ">index501</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index586.html ">index586</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index591.html ">index591</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index593.html ">index593</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index604.html ">index604</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index699.html ">index699</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index729.html ">index729</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index776.html ">index776</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index857.html ">index857</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/index88.html ">index88</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.a.html ">map.a</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.b.html ">map.b</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.c.html ">map.c</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.d.html ">map.d</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.e.html ">map.e</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.f.html ">map.f</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.g.html ">map.g</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.h.html ">map.h</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.i.html ">map.i</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.j.html ">map.j</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.k.html ">map.k</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.l.html ">map.l</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.m.html ">map.m</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.n.html ">map.n</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.o.html ">map.o</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.p.html ">map.p</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.q.html ">map.q</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.r.html ">map.r</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.s.html ">map.s</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.t.html ">map.t</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.u.html ">map.u</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.v.html ">map.v</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.w.html ">map.w</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.x.html ">map.x</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.y.html ">map.y</a>
<a href=" http://comoti4.info/map.z.html ">map.z</a>

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Wealth of Networks WikiNotes

Welcome to the Wealth of Networks WikiNotes

This Wiki is an invitation to collaborate on building a learning and research environment based on Yochai Benkler's book, The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom.

Read the Wealth of Networks

  • Use the Table of Contents to access summaries, use the Wiki, and get usable downloads

Uses of this Wiki space

The basic idea is to make this Wiki a place where people who read the book can do at least five things.

  • First, collaborate on writing a summary of the ideas and claims of the book, as an initial point of entry.
  • Second, collaborate on writing commentaries on the book and elaborating and refining its presentation
  • Third, provide an easy platform through which to access underlying research materials:
  • both those used in the book's notes, and more importantly,
  • resources that are useful for further research, refinement, and updating.
  • Fourth, the Wiki should be a place where participants can describe, link to, and analyze examples of the phenomena the book describes.
  • The purpose is not to “make the case” for the book or find “gotcha” counter examples.
  • What we are trying to do is provide a real research tool, annotated bibliography, and platform for collaborative learning.
  • Examples and counter-examples should be selected and described with that purpose in mind.
  • Fifth, the Wiki is itself a learning platform about what is valuable in a learning platform.
  • Through separate pages devoted to ideas and experiments of what can be done with an online book to make it a learning platform, we hope to expand the range of uses to which this Wiki can be available.
  • Through creative, systematic and interactive uses of this wiki, we hope to enhance our individual and collective skills & experience in a wiki world

Growing this Wiki

Growing this Wiki: Ideas for how to help the wiki grow and be useful

A Wiki User's Guide

See the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

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