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Figure 2.1 Selected IBM Revenues, 2000-2003

Figure 6.1: Start-up Costs of a Daily Newspaper, 1835-1850 (in 2005 dollars)

Figure 7.1: Sinclair Stock, October 8-November 5, 2004

Figure 7.2: Analysis of the Diebold Source Code Materials

Figure 7.3a: Diebold Internal E-mails Discovery and Distribution

Figure 7.3b: Internal E-mails Translated to Political and Judicial Action

Figure 7.4: Illustration of How Normal Distribution and Power Law Distribution Would Differ in Describing How Many Web Sites Have Few or Many Links Pointing at Them

Figure 7.5: Bow Tie Structure of the Web

Figure 7.6: Illustration of a Skew Distribution That Does Not Follow a Power Law

Figure 9.1: HDI and Information