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You can download the whole book in one PDF:

Download whole book (3.6 MB)

Or you can download each chapter individually:

Chapter 1. Introduction: A Moment of Opportunity and Challenge (390 KB)

Part One. The Networked Information Economy

Chapter 2. Some Basic Economics of Information Production and Innovation (687 KB)

Chapter 3. Peer Production and Sharing (382 KB)

Chapter 4. The Economics of Social Production (394 KB)

Part Two. The Political Economy of Property and Commons

Chapter 5. Individual Freedom: Autonomy, Information, and Law (426 KB)

Chapter 6. Political Freedom Part 1: The Trouble with Mass Media (433 KB)

Chapter 7. Political Freedom Part 2: Emergence of the Networked Public Sphere (716 KB)

Chapter 8. Cultural Freedom: A Culture Both Plastic and Critical (368 KB)

Chapter 9. Justice and Development (485 KB)

Chapter 10. Social Ties: Networking Together (341 KB)

Part Three. Policies of Freedom at a Moment of Transformation

Chapter 11. The Battle Over the Institutional Ecology of the Digital Environment (561 KB)

Chapter 12. Conclusion: The Stakes of Information Law and Policy (94 KB)

Notes (179 KB)

You can order a copy: from Amazon or from Yale Press

You can download a more usable form of the book in html if you want to do something interesting with the text for which the pdf is inconvenient. Please be aware that this html version is minimal, does not include the graphics or properly locate the tables. Fixing this would be one place to start playing. If you can use this to create interesting annotation tools or have another idea, have fun. Please remember: the book is available under CC noncommercial sharealike license. This book is available under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Sharealike license