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&uarr; [[Table of Contents]]<br />
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&larr; [[2. Some Basic Economics of Information Production and Innovation|Chapter 2]] | [[4. The Economics of Social Production|Chapter 4]] &rarr;
== Content ==
* [http://www.benkler.org/Benkler_Wealth_Of_Networks_Chapter_3.pdf Full text (PDF)]
* [[Sentence-sliced Text Chapter 3|Full text, sentence-sliced (wiki)]]
* [[Summary Chapter 3|Summary (wiki)]]
* [[Commentary Chapter 3|Commentary (wiki)]]
It is not intuitive that thousands of volunteers could beat big companies. Yet they do.
Coase argues that corporations exist because the transaction costs of using the market are too high. Yet GNU/Linux, Apache, Perl and others use neither markets nor hierarchies.  
I call this commons-based peer production. Commons (as opposed to property) because no one person controls how the resource is used, they are either open to the public or a defined group. Peer production because it is done through self-selected, decentralized individual action.
Examples: Free software, NASA Clickworkers, Wikipedia, Second Life.  
Relevance and accredditation technology can ensure the results are good: Open Directory Project, Slashdot (karma).
Distribution tech too: Project Gutenberg.
Sharing tech: SETI@Home, Napster
===Sources cited in the chapter===
===Other relevant readings===
==Case Studies==
===Supporting examples===
; [http://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome Amazon Mechanical Turk] : Could be considered micro-outsourcing, allows API access to human effort. ''Also see [http://feeds.feedburner.com/Turkwatch Turkwatch] for an overview of recent MTurk projects''
===Indeterminate Examples (in progress)===
; [http://mycroftnetwork.com Mycroft] : UCB iSchool research project, a generalization of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clickworkers ClickWorkers] by utilizing a few seconds of web surfer's abilities to collaboratively solve large problems, without leaving the pageCurrently focusing on Wikipedia image tagging and [http://www.gutenberg.org/ Project Gutenberg].
==Key Concepts==

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