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===The Problem of Security===
===The Problem of Security===
[[Wireless Network Security Concerns]]
===Sources cited in the chapter===
===Sources cited in the chapter===

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Summary of the chapter


Institutional Ecology and Path Dependence

The Physical Layer

Transport: Wires and Wireless

Recent Developments in Broadband Regulation


A Perspective on Limiting Device Functionality

The Logical Layer

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

The Battle over Peer-to-Peer Networks

The Domain Name System: From Public Trust to the Fetishism of Mnemonics

The Browser Wars

Free Software

The Content Layer


Contractual Enclosure: Click-Wrap Licenses and the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA

Trademark Dilution

Database Protection

Linking and Trespass to Chattels: New Forms of Information Exclusivity

International "Harmonization"

Countervailing Forces

The Problem of Security

Wireless Network Security Concerns


Sources cited in the chapter

Other relevant readings

Case Studies

Supporting examples


Key Concepts

Critiques and Commentary

A Critique of Benkler's Argument for a Commons-Based Content Layer