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Oct 30 2014 3:30pm to Oct 30 2014 5:30pm

Authorship in the Digital World: How to Make It Thrive

An Authors Alliance event

In order for authors to navigate these turbulent waters, they need to be strategic in their partnerships and careful in contracting. Copyright is supposed to help even authors with no legal expertise, but how good a job does it do? Could some changes in that law help authors reach readers more effectively? Looking beyond the law, what steps can authors take now to realize the full impact of their writings?

Oct 28 2014 12:00pm to Oct 28 2014 12:00pm

The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data Smart Governance

With Susan Crawford and other special guests

Harvard Law School Visiting Professor and co-director of the Berkman Center Susan Crawford joins Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, Mayor of Somerville, MA, Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Chief Information Officer for the City of Boston and Harvard Business School Professor Mitchell Weiss for a lively discussion around her new book, The Responsive City.

Sep 9 2014 12:30pm to Sep 9 2014 12:30pm

Berkman Klein Luncheon Series

Berkman Center 2014-2015 Orientation: Tuesday Luncheon

Learn more about the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and join our community

Learn more about the Berkman Center for Internet & Society -- and its network of researchers, activists, faculty, students, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, policy makers, lawyers, and more -- in an interactive conversation lead by Faculty Chair Jonathan Zittrain. If you’re curious about connecting with our research, our community, or our events, or are just generally interested in digital technologies and their impact on society, please join us at our first Tuesday lunch of the academic year on September 9th on the Harvard Law School campus.

Jan 17 2012 6:00pm to Jan 17 2012 6:00pm

Ideas for a Better Internet Summit

at Stanford University

Stanford Law School, Harvard Law School, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and TEDxSF are pleased to invite you to a special event and reception on the Stanford campus, featuring a series of talks and a panel from thinkers and innovators working to improve the future of the Internet as we know it. The summit will feature sessions with some leading minds from Silicon Valley alongside an expo of student ideas coming out of the joint Stanford-Harvard Ideas for a Better Internet seminar.

Sep 22 2011 9:00am to Sep 22 2011 9:00am

Law School for Digital Journalists

A Pre-Conference of the Online News Association's 2011 Conference

The Online News Association, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, and the UNC Center for Media Law and Policy present Law School for Digital Journalists, part of the Pre-Conference day at ONA’s 2011 Conference & Awards Banquet, September 22-24 in Boston. This intensive day of practical legal training will cover what digital journalists need to know about how the law impacts their profession, both on the editorial and business sides. Classes will be taught by leading media lawyers and journalism educators.

Jan 18 2011 6:00pm to Jan 18 2011 6:00pm

Four Ideas for a Better Internet

At Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School and Harvard Law School are pleased to invite you to a special reception and event on the Stanford campus, featuring four TED-style talks drawn from the Difficult Problems in Cyberspace seminar, a joint venture of Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School.

Sep 21 2010 12:00pm to Sep 21 2010 12:00pm

Berkman Klein Luncheon Series

Hacking the Casebook

The H20 Development Team

Traditional law school casebooks are expensive, bulky and stagnant. With the support of the HLS Library, Berkman has been updating our suite of classroom tools, H2O. In this lunch we'll demo the tools (all still in alpha) and show how Jonathan Zittrain's Torts class is using them this term. This event will be webcast live at *12:00 pm ET*.