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Feb 24 2007 7:30pm to Feb 27 2007 2:30pm

Beyond Broadcast 2007: From Participatory Culture to Participatory Democracy

For 50 years broadcast media have played a powerful role in shaping political culture and mediating citizen engagement in the democratic process. Now a participatory culture is putting the tools of media creation and critique in the hands of citizens themselves. We invite you to MIT—to explore the means, the message, and the meaning of the post-midterm, pre-presidential YouTube moment.

Sep 15 2004 12:00am to May 11 2005 12:00am

Internet Law Colloquium

Internet Law Colloquium: Harvard Law School and the Berkman Center are pleased to announce the Internet Law Colloquium, a discussion and speaker series launched by professors William Fisher, Charles Nesson, John Palfrey, and Jonathan Zittrain. The colloquium presents topics and papers on current issues and controversies in Internet law. Presenters come from multiple disciplines and offer divergent perspectives on law, technology, and their social implications. Students in the Colloquium will work on original research papers under the guidance of one of the faculty members.