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Law and the International Economy - Spring 2016

This course is designed to introduce first-year students to the architecture of the international economic law system. Its emphasis is on elements of international law that affect cross-border economic transactions and deals. The first part of the course examines the nature and sources of international law. The course then shifts to provide an overview of international commercial litigation, the trade and investment regimes, and emergent areas such as international regulation of corruption and corporate social responsibility.

Advanced International Trade - Fall 2015

This seminar will examine trade topics beyond those covered in an introductory trade law class. Each session will involve either an in-depth analysis of a recent dispute or a topic of ongoing trade negotiations. Topics will include industrial policy, environmental goods, investment, intellectual property, and trade remedies. We will also discuss the implications of the ongoing mega-regional and plurilateral trade agreements on the future of the trade regime.

Law and the Global Health Crisis – Spring 2015

Many developing countries are already facing or will soon face health crises arising from the increasing incidence of communicable and non-communicable diseases. This Reading Group will explore potential legal and market-based interventions to mitigate the human and economic toll of such diseases. Particular attention will be paid to ways in which pharmaceutical companies, governments, and NGOs might contribute, individually or collaboratively, to the alleviation of the crisis.