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Violence Against Women on the Internet

Campus Sexual Assault Policies
(opens: 4.16.02)
(opens: 4.23.02)
Sex Trafficking
(opens: 4.30.02)
The Internet as a Site of Resistance
(opens: 5.7.02)
(opens: 5.14.02)
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Discussion Questions

1. What do you think about the mail order brides business? Is it inherently bad to have such a service? Is it another example of sexual slavery or sustained prostitution? Should efforts be made to ensure as much safety and protection of the bride or should they focus on eliminating the business? How do mail order brides compare to other forms of economic trade-offs in marriages in different cultures?

2. The 'Welcome to the Rape Camp' site has much text that is worthy of analyzing. First, the misogynist attitude of the site creator explains much about the ideas of the site. Secondly, it teaches us that there is a high demand for live pornography made to order by the consumer. Why is this a particularly problematic situation?

3. When reviewing these documents, please keep in mind that the law often looks very different on the books and in practice, and that enactment is not equivalent to enforcement. Although several national governments and international organizations have now passed laws banning trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation, the sex trade shows few signs of slowing down. Is prostitution a legitimate form of labor? Is it more like selling a bodily organ or like working at a job you don't like? Or even a job that you know is harmful (like being a coal miner)? Should feminists support sex workers to help them improve their situation if they become prostituted? Or should feminists and other concerned citizens fight more directly the conditions that produce prostituted women?

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