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Violence Against Women on the Internet

Campus Sexual Assault Policies
(opens: 4.16.02)
(opens: 4.23.02)
Sex Trafficking
(opens: 4.30.02)
The Internet as a Site of Resistance
(opens: 5.7.02)
(opens: 5.14.02)
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The Internet and the Sex Industry

C. Case Study: "Welcome to the Rape Camp"

In "'Welcome to the Rape Camp': Sexual Exploitation and the Internet in Cambodia," Donna Hughes presents an overview of sex trafficking and the Internet sex industry in Southeast Asia. She uses a website called "Welcome to the Rape Camp" as a springboard for her discussion of the international sex trade. In it, she examines the underlying causes of the sex trade, the symbiotic relationship between the Internet and the sex industry, and the damaging effects of this joint growth on women and children.

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