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Violence Against Women on the Internet

Campus Sexual Assault Policies
(opens: 4.16.02)
(opens: 4.23.02)
Sex Trafficking
(opens: 4.30.02)
The Internet as a Site of Resistance
(opens: 5.7.02)
(opens: 5.14.02)
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Campus Resources and Internet Activism

In its resource manual, STAAR (Students Together Against Acquaintance Rape), an anti-violence peer education group at the University of Pennsylvania, explains why college populations are in particular need of sexual violence education:

"-- Many students are still in late adolescence, and are struggling with a transition to full adulthood. Sexual decision-making is part of this struggle.
-- Most members of this population are making their sexual decisions in an environment perceived as freer than their home environment. Students may find this freedom empowering, others may find it overwhelming.
-- Experimentation with sexual behaviors and sexual partners is more frequent and more visible in this environment than in most others which students have experienced.
-- Alcohol and other drug use is often higher in this environment than in students' home environment, or in the work environment they are planning to enter. Use of alcohol and other drugs influences many students' sexual behaviors while enrolled.
-- For some students, college may be the first time that extensive interaction with members of the other gender has been permitted. For many more, it is the first time that extensive interaction with self-identified lesbians, gays, and bisexuals is possible.
-- This population is encouraged to intellectualize and compete, sometimes at the expense of taking ownership for personal values and feelings. Education about sexual health means preparing to engage in debate with students, and to help students clarify their personal values." (

Examples of on-line health resources/emergency advice for victims:

V-Day (
Campus Outreach Services (gender-violence education speakers) ( -- Katie Koestner and Brett Sokolow sexual assault prevention workshop (, for new students)
Seventh Annual National Student Conference on Campus Sexual Violence (

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