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Date Assignment Topic/Outline Focus of Reading
I.  Intentional Harm
9/4/01 SD 1 I.A. Introduction to Civil Wronging Vosberg v. Putney
9/5/01 CB 864-879 I.B. Intent, Assault and Battery Garrett v. Dailey; Picard v. Barry Pontiac-Buick; Wishnatsky v. Huey
9/10/01 CB 879-905 I.C. False Imprisonment; I.D. Emotional Distress ATCA; Lopez v. Winchell's Donut House; Womack v. Eldridge; McDermott v. Reynolds;
9/11/01 CB 910-922 I.E.  Defenses Hart v. Geysel; Courvoisier v. Raymond; Katko v. Briney
9/12/01 CB 917-928; SD2 I.E.  Defenses/Privileges (cont'd) Ploof v. Putnam; Vincent v. Lake Erie; "Legal Reasoning: An Introduction"
II.  Trespass
9/17/01 CB 652-658; SD 3 (Internet trespass cases) II.  Trespass (and the weird contexts in which it sometimes applies) Martin v. Reynolds Metals; Compuserve v. Cyber Promotions; Intel v. Hamidi; Marsh v. Alabama
III. Negligence
9/18/01 CB 1-28 III.A.  Introduction to negligence (litigation process; vicarious liability) Hammontree v. Jenner; Litigation Process; Parties and Vicarious Liability; Christensen v. Swenson; Baptist Memorial Hospital v. Sampson
9/19/01 CB 47-58 III.B.  The Reasonable Person Bethel v. NYC Transit Auth.
9/24/01 CB 29-47 III.C.  Risk & Prudence Strict Liabilty versus Negligence: Brown v. Kendall; Standard of Care: Adams v. Bullock, U.S. v. Carroll Towing Co.
9/25/01 CB 58-73 III.D.  Roles of Judge and Jury; III.E. Role of Custom Roles of Judge and Jury: Baltimore & Ohio RR v. Goodman, Pokora v. Wabash Railway, Andrews v. United Airlines; Role of Custom: Trimarco v. Klein
9/26/01 CB 73-85; SD 4 III.F.  Negligence per se (Role of Statutes) Martin v. Herzog; Tedla v. Ellman; SD 4
10/1/01 CB 85-109 III.G.  Proof (Res Ipsa Loquitur) Negri v. Stop and Shop, Gordon v. American Museum of Natural History, Byrne v. Boadle, McDougald v. Perry; Ybarra v. Spangard
10/2/01 CB 130-151 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.1.  Duty to prevent others' physical injuries Obligations to Others: Harper v. Herman, Farwell v. Keaton, Strauss v. Belle Realty Co.
10/3/01 CB 158-170; SD 5 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.2.  Duty to control others Tarasoff v. Univ. of California, SD 5
10/8/01 Columbus Day -- No Class
10/9/01 CB 170-190 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.3.  Duties of landowners and occupiers Randi v. Muroc School Dist., Discussion of Fraud and Misrepresentation; Vince v. Wilson; Reynolds v. Hicks
10/10/01 CB 214-225 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.4.  Intrafamily Duties Broadbent v. Broadbent,
10/15/01 CB 225-237, 244-260 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.4.  Government liability (duty of Government) Riss v. NYC, Friedman v. State of NY, Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), Cope v. Scott
10/16/01 CB 261-278 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.5.a. Duties relating to nonphysical harms (emotional) Falzone v. Busch, Metro North Commuter RR v. Buckley
10/17/01 SD 5.5 Special Session: Theoretical Approaches to Torts
10/22/01 CB 278-301 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.5.a. Duties relating to nonphysical harms (emotional) Gammon v. Osteopathic Hospital, Portee v. Jaffee, Johnson v. Jamaica Hospital,
10/23/01 CB 301-325 III.H.  Duty requirement: III.H.5.b. Duties relating to nonphysical harms (economic) Nycal v. KPMG Peat Marwick, People Express Airlines, Inc. v. Consolidated Rail
10/24/01 CB 341-349 III.I.  Causation: III.I.1.  Causation, generally Stubbs v. City of Rochester
10/29/01 CB 349-368 III.I.  Causation: III.I.1.  Causation, generally (cont'd) Zuchowicz v. U.S., Alberts v. Schultz
10/30/01 CB 368-394 III.I.  Causation: III.I.2.  Multiple Defendants Summers v. Tice, Hymowitz v. Eli Lilly & Co.
10/31/01 SD 6 III.I.  Causation and Frameworks SD 6: Shavell; Fletcher Chapter 10
11/5/01 CB 399-412; 419-434 III.I.  Causation: III.I.3.  Proximate Cause Unexpected Harm: Benn v. Thomas, In re Polemis, Overseas Tankship v. Morts Dock & Engineering (Wagon Mound),  Unexpected Victim: Palsgraf v. Long Island RR Co.,
11/6/01 CB 435-460 III.J.  Defenses: III.J.1.  Contributory and Comparative Fault Contributory Negligence, Comparative Negligence: Uniform Comparative Fault Act, Avoidable Consequences
11/7/01 CB 461-476; 484-489 III.J.  Defenses: III.J.2.  Assumption of Risk Express Agreements: Dalury v. S-K-I; Implied Assumption of Risk: Murphy v. Steeplechase Amusement; Roberts v. Vaughn
IV.  Strict Liability
11/12/01 Veteran's Day -- No Class
11/13/01 CB 498-520 IV.A.  Development of the Doctrine Fletcher v. Rylands, Rylands v. Fletcher, Sullivan v. Dunham, Indiana Harbor Belt RR v. Cyanamid Co.
11/14/01 CB 520-539 IV.B.  Theory Rabin: The Ideology of Enterprise Liability, King: A Goals-Oriented Approach…, Posner: Economic Analysis of Law
V.  Products Liability
11/19/01 CB 540-556 V.A.  Products Liability Introduction MacPherson v. Buick, Escola v. Coca-Cola,
11/20/01 CB 556-572 V.B.  Manufacturing and Design Defects Soule v. GM
11/21/01 CB  572-581 V.B.  Manufacturing and Design Defects (cont'd) Camacho v. Honda
11/26/01 CB 581-605 V.C.  Warnings Hood v. Ryobi, Edwards v. Basel Pharmaceuticals, Vassallo v. Baxter Healthcare
11/27/01 CB 605-614 V.D.  Defenses GM v. Sanchez
11/28/01 SD 7 Who should pay for what Calabresi: Some thoughts on risk distribution and the law of torts
VI.  Damages
12/3/01 CB 679-697 VI.A.  Compensatory Damages Seffert v. LA Transit Lines,
12/4/01 CB 697-717 VI.A.  Compensatory Damages (cont'd) McDougald v. Garber, Arambula v. Wells
12/5/01 SD 8 Frameworks
12/10/01 CB 717-739 VI.B.  Punitive Damages Taylor v. Superior Court, BMW v. Gore
12/11/01 SD 9 VII. Defamation Case Study Defamation Case Study
12/12/01 Wrap-up