.BIZ Registrations not Conforming to .BIZ Registration Restrictions - by Registrar
Survey of Usage of the .BIZ TLD

This table reports, by registrar, the number and proportion of registered .BIZ domains that seem not to conform to .BIZ registration restrictions. Domains may be flagged for inclusion in these calculations on the basis of an offer of sale either on default web pages or in WHOIS contact data.

If a registrar's nonconforming .BIZ share is more than three times its overall .BIZ share, it is listed in red; if its nonconforming .BIZ share is less than one third its overall .BIZ share, it is listed in green. Registrars with no flagged nonconforming registrations are omitted from reporting in this table.

Registrar NameNumber of nonconforming .BIZ Names.BIZ Share
Enom, Inc.9294.17%
Iholdings.com, Inc. D/B/A/ Dotregistrar.com2853.13%
Bulkregister.com, Inc.2203.38%
Tucows, Inc.1858.24%
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. D.B.A. Directnic.com1492.90%
Innerwise, Inc. D.B.A. Itsyourdomain.com380.93%
Tlds Inc.351.80%
007 Names, Inc.220.08%
The Registry At Info Avenue170.14%
Easyspace Ltd.150.71%
Blueberry Hill Communications, Inc. (D.B.A. Bluehill.com)130.13%
Network Solutions Inc.1121.72%
Domain Bank, Inc.90.81%
Domain People80.84%
Alldomains.com Inc.20.63%
Ascio Technologies Inc.12.16%