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SIGN-UP Sheet for Student Projects

Options A, B, D

For students who wish to sign up for Options A, B, or D, please include your first and last name, any group members, and your selected assignment.

Option A List

Note: Please only sign up for "open sessions." Due to the large amount of internet (and desire to match students with open sessions) we are limiting the spots going forward.

Open Sessions:

Closed Sessions:

Online Liberty and FOE (closed):

  • Clare Selden

Future of the Internet (closed):

  • Daniel Robinson
  • Patrick McKeown

Exploring the Arab Spring (closed):

  • Ryan Rippel
  • Oktawian Kuc

The Changing Internet: Cybersecurity (closed):

  • Michael Adelman
  • Justin Tresnowski
  • Michael Redding
  • Ona Balkus

Intellectual Property (closed):

  • Esther Lim
  • Gita Srivastava

User Innovation (closed):

  • Pooja Patel
  • Andrew Pearson
  • Lowell Gresock-Battles

Privacy (closed):

  • Andrew Crocker
  • Jake Levine
  • Nathan Lovejo
  • Sunshine Yin
  • Amrit Dhir

Digital Humanities (closed):

  • Josh Frieman
  • Jordan Roberts

Digital Libraries, Archives, and Rights Registries (closed):

  • Jason Gross
  • Elizabeth Bailey
  • Brian Wood

The Global Internet (closed):

  • Amanda Vaughn
  • Karissa Fleming

Cooperation (closed):

  • Joel Knopf
  • Rachel Krol
  • Andrew Rubenstein
  • Taz Shahabuddin

Minds for Sale (closed):

  • Yael Resnick
  • Steve Jugle

Mutual Aid (closed):

  • Jungmee Victoria Lee
  • Adam Derry

Interoperability (closed):

  • Sonia McNeil
  • Fernando Serrati

Option B List

  • John Bennett
  • Elettra Bietti, Raquel Acosta (video project on digital humanities). Anyone interested in helping?

Option D List

  • Elettra Bietti, Option D
  • Matt Scarola, Option D
  • Matt Levitan, Option D
  • Breanne Gilpatrick, Option D
  • Matt Vitins, Option D
  • Tom Spencer, Matt McDonell, Jake Laperruque, Jordan Baehr, Option D
  • Gabriela Grinsteins, option D
  • Yana Welinder, Option D
  • Molly Jennings, Option D
  • Frank Sabatini, Option D
  • Tim Grayson, Cynthia Chi, Option D
  • Matthias Glatthaar, Option D
  • Matt Gelfand, Option D
  • Igor Gorlach, Option D
  • Charles Allen, Option D
  • Matthew Becker, Option D
  • Allison Trzop, Option D
  • Robin Achen, Option D
  • Jonathan Cox, Option D
  • Maia Cave, Alea Mitchell, Option D
  • Opeyemi Akanbi, Option D
  • Ethan Craig, Option D

Option C

Due to time constraints, Option C is available to a limited number (10) of groups on a first-come first-served basis. Students who select this option are encouraged to work in groups, each group will be given approximately 5-10 minutes of presentation time.

For students who select this option, please include your first and last name, as well as the names of any additional group members.

1. Ivar Hartmann

2. David Ashaolu