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Berkman Center Open House

metaLAB (at) Harvard

Wednesday, 7:00 to 9:00

The metaLAB has invited us to come to their current residence, Art@29 Garden, to share in an evening exhibition to introduce their new digital art project called Augmented Harvard. It will be a demo debut – sort of a pop-up show of the public installation – that will set the stage for the Digital Humanities pillar on Thursday morning.

About Augmented Harvard:

With the support of the Provostial Funds for Arts and Humanities, we are in the early stages of developing a multi-year, University-wide installation that is composed of a network of physical artifacts that unlock site-specific experiences. These artifacts, or HUBS, might consist of such devices as thermal receipt printers, hacked Kinects, speakers or programmable LEDs. Participants in the project encounter these HUBs across the campus or through an open-source iPhone/iPad application. Augmented Harvard allows faculty, students, curators and the public to link Harvard exhibitions to other spaces and objects across the University, and to see otherwise invisible features of the campus landscape such as long-ago demolished structures, alternative architectural plans, and inaccessible archives as they rove the campus core. The initial release is planned in conjunction with the fall 2011 exhibitions GSD’s 75+ and Cold War in the Classroom, co-curated by History of Science PhD students Jeremy Blatter and Christopher Phillips, and to be staged at the Special Exhibitions Gallery of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, with additional materials borrowed from the Harvard Film Archive and the Graduate School of Education’s Monroe C. Gutman Library.

Thursday Evening with Berkman Faculty