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Opportunity: Senior Research Coordinator for Jonathan Zittrain

Opportunity: Senior Research Coordinator for Jonathan Zittrain


The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society seeks a full-time Senior Research Coordinator in Cambridge, MA for a period of at least one year to work alongside our Faculty Director, Professor Jonathan Zittrain of Harvard Law School, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Over the course of their time in the role, a motivated individual will sharpen and focus a research agenda and make valuable contributions in the field of cyberlaw and beyond, while working alongside leaders in academia, industry, and government. A Research Coordinator in this position will work very closely on a day-to-day basis with Professor Zittrain and his team, assisting in a variety of research areas, e.g. artificial intelligence, intermediary liability, and disinformation. With mentorship and guidance from Professor Zittrain and other contributors from across the Berkman Klein Center, the Research Coordinator will be expected to take an important role in shepherding the design and execution of research and programming.

This job is an ideal opportunity for those interested in future graduate school or law school studies, whether currently admitted or still applying to such programs.

Job-Specific Responsibilities and Requirements

This research associateship requires, primarily, the ability to absorb large amounts of written and other media materials from various sources in a short amount of time, critically analyze that material and render it back. These renderings may take a variety of forms including prep materials for panels, conferences, and presentations; outlines and drafts of articles and papers; slide decks; and other digested forms. The Research Coordinator should also be prepared to help prepare syllabi and other curricular materials, lead discussions, and work with project managers across the Berkman Klein Center and the Harvard Law School Library to advance research goals.

Candidates should ideally have wide ranging interests and the ability to work on almost any issue or topic that arises, as well as the ability to quickly develop expertise around unfamiliar material. Excellent writing and editorial skills with an attention to detail are required.

In addition to these core research duties, the Research Coordinator will be expected to support the planning and execution of programs across the Berkman Klein Center and Harvard Law School Library. This work may include developing and refining fundraising proposals, supporting and contributing to the management of project teams, and supporting the development of strategic partnerships with people and organizations beyond the Harvard community.

Basic Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and 3 or more years of experience in research, administration or related field.

Additional Qualifications

Previous formal experience in cyberlaw is not required, but a strongly developed interest in cyberlaw, the Internet, technology, and policy is highly recommended.

  • Proven ability to complete independent research
  • Self-motivated and organized
  • Comfortable working with little outside direction
  • Excellent critical reading skills
  • Ability to absorb large amounts of material quickly
  • Wide-ranging interests, able to work enthusiastically on intellectually diverse projects
  • Willing to engage intellectually in a non-territorial manner
  • Previous teaching/TAing experience a plus
  • Excellent writing and editing skills

Any questions regarding the role can be directed to John Bowers at