Messages Touting (NDIN), 2005-06-20

>  >  >   spam works: evidence from stock touts and corresponding market activity

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Subject: The Micro-Cap Journal | 3 occurrences - low | View message
...From Mon Jun 20 12:00:47 2005 Subject: [email] [stock-NDIN] The Micro-Cap Journal MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii...
Subject: Premier Investor Report | 1 occurrence - low | VNBL occurs 8 times | View message
...== SEC -- note correlation of drop boxes to similar FCDH, NDIN, ADSO, BPET, LPLE, ORTE, WSRM and YPIL touts. bounces postmaster, contact email, site redirects to...,,, Unsolicited VNBL tout (pump & dump?) w/no, illegible, obfuscated or...