Food For Thought Dinners

The Food For Thought dinners are a way for conference attendees and speakers to discuss the issues presented throughout the day in a more informal, personal setting. All dinners will begin at 7pm on Friday.  All tables will be reserved under the name of the discussion leader.  Since space is limited, you must sign up if you'd like to attend.  To do so, please send an email to indicating which dinner you'd like to attend.  Please note that all attendees will be expected to pay for their own meal.

The available dinner topics are:

  • In what ways can policy be shaped to encourage creativity, especially at this crucial moment when technology allows virtually anyone to be a creator?
    Discussion Leader: Kembrew McLeod
    Restaurant: John Harvard's Brew House, 33 Dunster Street

  • Mashups or just plain mashed: Which chef owns the digital recipe?
    Discussion Leader: Paul Marino
    Restaurant: Changsho, 1712 Massachusetts Ave

  • Can traditional approaches to understanding creativity in music be amplified to encompass the impact of technology on musical creativity?
    Discussion Leader: Lawrence Ferrara
    Restaurant: Daedalus, 45 1/2 Mt. Auburn Street

  • How can the music industry evolve with regard to emerging technologies and new modes of creative expression in a way that promotes art, allows artists to make a living, and balances the needs of music lovers? 
    Discussion Leader: Shoshana Zisk
    Restaurant: Redline, 59 JFK Street

  • New technologies let more people hear what you're saying or remixing -- including lawyers for the other side.  Can we permit rapid takedown of infringing content without chilling legitimate, non-infringing activity?  Can we get intermediaries like ISPs to see it's good business to stand up for their users?
    Discussion Leader: Wendy Seltzer
    Restaurant: Cafe of India, 52 Brattle Street

  • Putting aside legal questions--what should it mean to own intellectual property?  How far should an author's control over her work extend, and what affects those boundaries?  Where are the lines between plagiarism and collage, between disrespect and the readers' right to respond to the text?
    Discussion Leader: Naomi Novik
    Restaurant: Redline, 59 JFK Street

  •  Many artists who incorporate copyrighted works into their own want to be able to sell their product, while much legal commentary has implicitly or explicitly conceded that the best legal case for allowing such copying is when the artist isn't commercially motivated.  Are the artists asking for too much or are the lawyers missing something?
    Discussion Leader: Rebecca Tushnet
    Restaurant: Cambridge Common, 1667 Massachusetts Ave

  • What does the continued consolidation of major record labels and the upcoming Warner Brothers IPO mean for recording artists, songwriters and the public?  How will this phenomenon change compensation models and rights in the era of the iPod and file sharing?
    Discussion Leader: Walter McDonough
    Restaurant: Grafton Street, 1280 Massachusetts Ave