Date Topic Lecturer
9/10 Baseball: From tort to contract on the protection of the distribution of "infotainment." Topics include Motorola and "press credentialing." Keller
9/24 Movies: Stopping the raiding of the Raiding of the Lost Ark through the DMCA and other novel forms of content protection and secure distribution. Cunard
10/1 John Doe: Anonymity and its discontents. The problem of harmful speech on the internet. Zittrain
10/8 "So, you want to be a webcaster ..." Nesson
10/15 Protecting consumer privacy. Cunard
10/22 Corporate compliance: Minimizing exposure in an online era. Cunard / Keller
10/29 NO CLASS. (Flyout week.) N/A
11/5 Online liability: Creating safe harbors. Keller
11/12 Jurisdiction: Elcomsoft, iCrave and Yahoo! Nesson
11/19 Innovation, Antitrust, and Standardization / IETF. Guest speakers: Jorge Contreras and Debra Valentine. Cunard / Zittrain
11/26 Comparative ecommerce / econtent. Cunard
12/3 Counseling an Internet Client: "The Rock." A wrap-up. Nesson