Community and Capacity Building

The Berkman Klein Center and MIT Media Lab teams are leveraging their partnership to create a robust community focused on the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence – a common “roof,” in the form of various programs and forums, that brings together current and future thought-leaders from academia, civil society, and industry. Specific initiatives include:


  1. Assembly: AI Assembly combines different modes of education, collaboration, and development to work towards solving some of the tough problems at the intersection of AI and governance, bridging an important gap between the academic environment, where questions of social impact, ethics, and governance of AI are debated, and the realm of industry, where such technologies are designed, developed, and implemented. Building upon the successful 2016 pilot of the Assembly, which combined three weeks of rigorous education with a twelve-week action-oriented development period, our second program is bringing together high-level developers and experts from the public and private sectors for a collaborative development sprint around a defined AI challenge.


  2. Core Events: The Berkman Klein Center and the Media Lab lead and contribute to core events with the goal of forming new and strengthening existing connections across disciplines, communities, and geographies.

  1. Human Capacity Building: The Berkman Klein Center and the Media Lab seek to support individuals whose work in code, ethics, philosophy, design, law, and policy contributes to our understanding of how AI systems may impact the public good. This includes faculty, fellows, students, researchers, affiliates, as well as international partners who are contributing to AI activities and are part of the global Network of Internet & Society Centers (NoC). Check out our full class of fellows, faculty associates, and affiliates here.

Last updated

July 9, 2017