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Readiness is the degree to which a community is prepared to participate in the Networked World. It is gauged by assessing a community’s advancement in the areas that are most critical to the adoption of information and communication technologies. An assessment of a community’s Readiness can be used to help the community identify its strategic priorities. MORE INFORMATION

The assessment section of the Guide asks participants to place their community on a scale from one to four (lowest to highest) in nineteen categories, grouped in five sections. Each category contains suggested indicators to help the community to best determine its stage of development. MORE INFORMATION There are topics that affect development in general, but were not included as indicators. They are of the utmost importance, and should not be overlooked just because they are not divided into stages. These issues are included within the text, either as stand-alone pages or text boxes.

Participants will sometimes have difficulty placing their communities in a category--they may find conflicting indicators that suggest two different stages at once. They must use their best judgement to decide which stage is more appropriate in their circumstance, and remember that overestimating their Readiness will only misdirect their community’s planning process. MORE INFORMATION