Representation in Cyberspace Study

Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School

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1) How membership relates to the organization
a)   Membership versus citizenship
b)   Legitimating and checking functions of membership
c)   What the organization does/should do is not on the table - tailoring the membership to that function
2)   Questions:
a)   Who is a member?
     i)   Criteria
     ii)   Verification (fees, identity authentication)
     iii)   Rights and obligations
     iv)   Classes of membership?
b)   Safeguards against capture
     i)   "Capture" presumes we know what the legitimate interests are, to distinguish from overrepresentation of a special interest
     ii)   Who might capture, and how?
     iii)   General and specific prevention
c)   Election procedures
     i)   Nomination: candidate criteria, selection of nominees, commitment required
     ii)   Nominating / membership committee?
     iii)   Geographic diversity requirement
3)   Research:
a)   Membership organizations
     i)   Interviews with directors
     ii)   Analysis of bylaws
     iii)   Questions on comparisons of particular interest
b)   Academics/experts
     i)   Corporate governance
     ii)   Political theory
     iii)   Voting rights
     iv)   International relations
     v)   Legal requirements
     vi)   Management/administration
c)   Interested parties
     i)   What are their concerns with regard to membership?
     ii)   Do they have proposals or relevant experience?
4)   Models
5)   Analysis against our questions and the principles of the WP and bylaws
6)   Recommendations


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