Membership Advisory Committee Outreach Proposals
IMPORTANT NOTICE, posted May 26, 1999 - This document is an advisory commentary. It is NOT authoritative and is NOT to be relied on by any party.  Following public comment, the ICANN Board intends to consider the Membership Committee's recommended principles at its next regularly scheduled meeting in Berlin on May 27, 1999. 
MAC Final Recommendations
(For specific content of some of the "Programs": see Daniel Kaplan
1- Create an excellent website (note: Can probably be sponsored)

2- Create basic outreach documentation
Presentations, etc.

3- Use registrars and registries
To communicate with existing DN/IPA registrants
To add "Join ICANN" link and tickbox on DN/IPA registration

4- "Links Program" with websites:
Post program, technical and graphic elements…
Advertise program
THEN contact a number of large sites (both directly through ICANN and through "local" correspondents)

5- Associations Partnership Program
A proactive program towards associations, mostly in less developed areas
This is where the most resources should be devoted in the first stage

6- Corporate Partnership Program
Idea: Ask corporations to contribute to outreach by giving advertising space
Post program
Advertise program
THEN contact a number of large corporations (both directly through ICANN and through "local" correspondents)

A high quality ICANN membership website will be needed, preferably linked from other popular sites.  Could acknowledge hosts of linking sites with links of our own.

Regional outreach program should be developed to encourage ICANN membership in association with tradeshows and conferences.

Outreach will be expensive; ICANN will need to seek sponsorship for its website and outreach activities.  Some reservation was expressed if sponsorship might be perceived as potentially prejudicial to ICANN's independence.  Sponsorship should be sought from registries and small organizations as well as larger entities.

Having completed its task with its report to ICANN in Berlin, the MAC recommends that the current members be dismissed.   MAC also suggests that the Board convene a new committee to assist in ongoing AL membership issues such as outreach, recruitment, authentication, and election procedures.  In addition, the Board should consider establishing a permanent Membership Secretariate to develop and provide continuing services to the At-large members.

Last updated on 26 May 1999 by committee member Diane Cabell.