The Berkman Klein Center has established the premier series of scholarly publications on matters related to the Internet, law, and society, which is jointly published with the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

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What Things Regulate Speech: CDA 2.0 vs. Filtering (Draft 3.01)

In 1995, California passed a statute making it a crime to sell porn in vending machines. More precisely, the statute made it a crime to sell “harmful matter” (meaning harmful to minors) in any vending machine, unless that vending machine is equipped with an adult identification number system. What “harmful matter” is is anyone’s guess. (Draft 3.01, May 12, 1998)

Authored by
  • Lawrence Lessig

11 May 1998


The Harvard Conference on the Internet and Society

In the Spring of 1996, hundreds of international leaders in business, law, government, and education gathered at Harvard University to discuss the growing and future impact of the Internet: one of the most potent technological innovations of this century. This volume, which includes the writings, discussion transcripts, and computer demonstrations from this ground-breaking forum, provides an expert assessment of the impact of this rapidly changing technology on business, government, media, and education for the next decade and into the new millennium.

24 Apr 1997

The Rise and Fall of Sysopdom

"Sysop" has gone from a term of art known only to the bleeding-edge few to a dusty anachronism known only to the bleeding-gums few, without the usual years-long general linguistic acceptance and respect in between. (Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Summer 1997)

Authored by
  • Jonathan Zittrain

1 Jan 1997


American Legal Realism

A comprehensive, in-depth discussion of the most influential movement in American legal history, and one which remains more than fifty years later the subject of lively debate, this collection of readings, written largely between 1900 and 1940, includes works from prominent writers on the subject that have never before been generally available. Introduced and edited by noted scholars in the field, the anthology includes such contributors as Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Thayer, Roscoe Pound, John Chipman Gray, Wesley Hohfeld, Karl Llewellyn, Arthur Corbin, Nathan Issacs, Robert Hale, Harold Laski, Max Radin, and others.

Authored by
  • William Fisher
  • Morton Horwitz

1 Jan 1993