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Professor William W. Fisher III

Teaching Fellows:
Jen Carpenter
Jocelyn Dabeau
Jack Lerner
Jonathan Lindsay
David Melaugh
Sharie Mendrey
Betsy Rosenblatt
Michelle Spaulding
Greg Teran
Craig Whitney

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This offering is not a Harvard Law School course.  Therefore, do not direct inquiries to the Harvard Law School Registrar's office; they will not be able to assist you.  Instead, for press inquiries only, please contact Bethany Tidd at (617) 496-2034.

For general information about this Lecture and Discussion series, send inquiries to

All requests for technical assistance should be directed to

If you intended to apply for Group A, and have not yet had the opportunity to do so, please send an e-mail to with "Intellectual Property in Cyberspace" as your subject header.

General feedback can be sent to