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    <revisions rvcontinue="6511" />
      <page pageid="1" ns="0" title="Main Page">
          <rev user="Dsearls" timestamp="2020-01-23T14:19:22Z" comment="/* Upcoming Events */ added 2020 placeholders" />
          <rev user="Dsearls" timestamp="2020-01-23T14:18:43Z" comment="/* Past Events */ moved 2018 from future to here" />
          <rev user="Dsearls" timestamp="2020-01-23T14:16:24Z" comment="/* VRM Foci */ Changed the Foci section to Privacy Manifesto" />
          <rev user="Dsearls" timestamp="2020-01-23T14:10:25Z" comment="/* Past Events */ added 2019" />
          <rev user="Dsearls" timestamp="2020-01-23T14:09:14Z" comment="/* VRM Goals */ cut a blank line at the end" />