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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20061215174846" timestamp="2006-12-15T17:48:46Z" ns="0" title="Use cases and scenarios" />
        <page value="20061216034943" timestamp="2006-12-16T03:49:43Z" ns="0" title="Related efforts" />
        <page value="20070103060648" timestamp="2007-01-03T06:06:48Z" ns="0" title="Internet Identity Workshop 2006b" />
        <page value="20070109211423" timestamp="2007-01-09T21:14:23Z" ns="0" title="MikeWarot" />
        <page value="20070122065923" timestamp="2007-01-22T06:59:23Z" ns="0" title="Me-Ville" />
        <page value="20070220174142" timestamp="2007-02-20T17:41:42Z" ns="0" title="The Global Village" />
        <page value="20070406124828" timestamp="2007-04-06T12:48:28Z" ns="0" title="Notes from VRM &amp; Public Media Workshop" />
        <page value="20070618233741" timestamp="2007-06-18T23:37:41Z" ns="0" title="Liberty Alliance" />
        <page value="20070618233919" timestamp="2007-06-18T23:39:19Z" ns="0" title="Challenges and use cases" />
        <page value="20070725171752" timestamp="2007-07-25T17:17:52Z" ns="0" title="May 2 2007 Meeting notes" />