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Website Purpose & Goals

  1. Facilitate VRM development
    1. "Internal"
    2. External
  2. Introduce, educate, and evangelize to the public


Categories & Examples


  • Doc
  • Joe
  • Dean

Person at Large Company

  • Johnson & Johnson

Person at Small/Medium Size Company

  • Marketing guy
  • CEO/COO type


  • TV
  • Print
  • Blogger


  • Acme manufacturing company

A newbie to VRM, but interested in learning more and potentially contributing.

Use Cases/Scenarios

Large Company Contact

  • Request help or information


  • Update specification

Potential collaborator, contributor, developer

  • Exploring, investigating, considering getting involved.

Content/Functionality Ideas

  • VRM website that is educational, promoting
  • Project VRM wiki for contributors and developers
  • Feedback
    • Form
    • Wiki
    • Email
    • Have we missed anything? Help us help you.
  • Tools
    • Ways to do RFPs
    • Ways to work with consumers other than command & control
    • Ways to be user-centric
    • Checklist
      • Are you ready for VRM?
  • How to Contribute
    • Commit
    • Promote
    • Contribute--input, feedback ("is there a VRM initiative you deploy that hasn't been mentioned here?")
    • Collaborate--co-create, drive efforts
    • Initiatives
    • Action Items
  • List of Contributors
  • Press Coverage
  • Blog Coverage
  • Press Information
  • Jabber Server/Channel
  • Technology
    • Code base
    • Protocols
    • Third-party software
  • Secure Area

Password protected area where we can post links to material that would be relevant to working groups, but which would not necessarily be suitable for being put in the public domain.

Constraints & Requirements

Berkman Friendly

Wiki Wiki Wiki

Cross Browser

  • Internet Explorer
    • 6.0
    • 7.0
  • Firefox
    • 1.5
    • 2.0
  • Safari

Cross Platform

  • Windows
    • Win2k
    • Windows XP
  • Macintosh
    • OS X

Open Questions

Random Thoughts is a good example

Action Items

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Draft layout

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