VRooM Leadership Workshop

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  • Date: Nov 1, 2009
  • Time: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM with informal dinner thereafter
  • Location: Cerado, Pacific Business Center, 2225 E. Bayshore Rd., Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303 (Note: take the Embarcadero Road EAST exit off Highway 101.)


  1. Project updates (let's front-load ones in the UK, for timing reasons)
    1. MyDex - Mydex hopes to have a pilot service up and running by March next year and has multiple ongoing discussions with a range of relying party organisations about them accepting user-driven information as a feed into their processes.
    2. The Mine! Project
    3. MINT
    4. ListenLog project status
    5. EmanciPay - Sample gestures / r-button interaction, per Doc's presentation
    6. SwitchBook -
    7. Scanaroo project status
    8. Women's Work - Judico is lead. Project website is here.
    9. Henrik - link - looking for better way to connect readers with ads
    10. Polka - Emergency Health Record Exchange - Mike Kirkwood
  2. Discussion of sectors/verticals/topic areas that we can organize events around. A few (not in order, despite numerical):
    1. Criteria
      1. Criteria 1...
    2. Possible meeting types
      1. Local/chapter meetings
      2. Working group meeting
      3. Open workshop
      4. Topical workshop/conference
      5. BarCamp
      6. Leadership meeting
      7. Geek Cruise
  3. Research & research topics Specific Research Proposals, Project Status
    1. Testable hypotheses
      1. Research Proposal (also works as skeleton for events)
      2. Who is PI, Who gets access to results, when, Who decides go/no go
      3. What is hypothesis?
      4. Where will it be done
      5. How much will it cost
      6. How will it be conducted
      7. When will the research be conducted
      8. Why is this VRM
    2. Leveraging Berkman geek crew involvement
    3. Coordinating with commercial and noncommercial work going on, or planned
    4. VRM and Open Source; coordinating with commercial work
    5. VRM and mobile (e.g. with smart phones)
    6. Self-tracking and personal informatics (shall we call it STPI?)
      1. Existing work going on with STPI, and helping out or looping them into what we're doing
      2. ListenLog, Media Logging, Music Logging
      3. EmanciPay
    7. GRM (government or governance RM)
    8. HCRM (health care RM)
  4. Potential VRM "Products" (first round work)
    1. Events
    2. Peer Reviewed Journal
    3. Research projects (PI-led)
      1. Second order effects/benefits?
      2. ? VRM Seal
      3. ? Consulting
      4. ? Sponsorship Cachet
  5. Canonical description of VRM (especially for fixing our Wikipedia entry) Thought: split VRM and ProjectVRM? (Might be involved with Organization, below)
    1. Individual is point of integration
    2. Individual is point of origination
    3. Individual manages integration and origination
    4. Definitions:
      1. VRM is Vendor Relationship Management (a category)
      2. VRM equips customers with tools that provide independence from vendors and better ways for engaging with vendors
      3. Relationships are key
  6. Weeding the ProjectVRM wiki
  7. VRM Marketing Committee work (especially on the ProjectVRM website
  8. Pre-setting discussion topics for IIW (note: Doc will be at IIW only on Tuesday and Wednesday)
  9. Organization
  10. Other
    1. Parking lot
      1. Scanaroo visioning
      2. ListenLog (media logging)
      3. Emancipay