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VRM, or Vendor Relationship Management, is the reciprocal of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. VRM describes a set of technologies and methods for individuals to engage with vendors in ways that work for both parties.

The goal of VRM is to improve the relationship between Demand and Supply by providing new and better ways for the former to relate to the latter. In a larger sense, VRM immodestly intends to improve markets and their mechanisms by equipping customers to be independent leaders and not just captive followers in their relationships with vendors and other parties on the supply side of the marketplace.


CRM systems for the duration have borne the full burden of relating with customers. VRM will provide customers with the means to bear some of that weight, and to help make markets work for both vendors and customers &#151; in ways that don't require the former to "lock in" the latter.

VRM has Conceptual Cousins & Predecessors

History, connection with ideintity and stuff.

Problems With CRM


Not the perfect name, but what we've got. qualifiers. credit to Mike Vizard and the Gillmor Gang. Link to the actual podcast, which is somewhere.

Current Challenges

For VRM to work, vendors must have reason to value it, and customers must have reasons to invest the necessary time, effort and attention to making it work. Providing those reasons to both sides is the primary challenge for VRM.

Digital Identity Connection

Data Portability

Berkman Center Role



Related Initiatives

Examples of VRM


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Notable ones:

Companies, sellers, vendors all may have existing examples of VRM. Please post them here.