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The Second East Coast Workshop (tag [http://technorati.com/tag/vrm2009b vrm2009b]) will be hosted by ProjectVRM and the [http://cyber.law.harvard.edu Berkman Center] at Pound Hall at [http://law.harvard.edu Harvard Law School], on Monday-Tuesday 12-13 October, 2009. The event will go from 9AM to 5:30 on both days.
#REDIRECT [[VRooM Boston 2009]]
As with earlier workshops, the purpose is to bring people together and make progress on any number of VRM topics and projects. The workshop will be run as an "unconference" on the open space model, which means session topics will be chosen by participants. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology Here is the Wikipedia page on open space.]
In open space there are no speakers or panels -- just participants, gathered to get work done and enjoy doing it. Participation includes contributing to the this wiki.
== Registration ==
The workshop is free. You can register through [http://vrmeastcoast2009.eventbrite.com/ this EventBrite link].
== Schedule ==
=== Monday ===
In open space workshops, topics are suggested by participants in the Agenda making session, which is attended by everybody. Participants write the title of their topic on a sheet of paper with a bold marker, add their name, then describe the topic to the group and post it on a large "spreadsheet" of times and session locations, a blackboard in the front of Pound 101, which will be our main room.
One person in each session will take notes, either directly (or eventually) on the workshop wiki. At the end of each day somebody from each discussion session will report progress to the group.
==== Dinner on Monday Night ====
Put your name here if you hope to join us Monday night for dinner so we can make reservations. It will be a few blocks from Pound Hall near Harvard Square.
* Doc Searls
* Keith Hopper
* Dean Landsman
=== Tuesday ===
To get discussion moving, we will open with a panel on users and data control. The rest of the day will be organized as open space, as with Monday.
We have one classroom booked in Pound Hall.
If we need additional small session spaces, there are plenty of those out on the lawns and in the halls and public seating areas amongst nearby buildings at the Law School. We'll make room on the session "spreadsheet" for these, so we're ready if the need arises.

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