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| [http://ihealthhome.net/ iHealthHome] † "A comprehensive in-home monitoring and communication system designed for professional caregivers...enables client self-management to improve health and reduce total cost of care"
| [http://ihealthhome.net/ iHealthHome] † "A comprehensive in-home monitoring and communication system designed for professional caregivers...enables client self-management to improve health and reduce total cost of care"
The system enables client self-management to improve health and reduce total cost of care.
|[http://maidsafe.net/ Maidsafe] † "(Massive Array of Internet Disks - Secure Access For Everyone) is an open-source program (hosted on GitHub) that enables a decentralized internet platform.."
| [http://www.mediagoblin.org mediagoblin] - " a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc."
| [http://www.mediagoblin.org mediagoblin] - " a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc."

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Here is a partial list of VRM development efforts. (See About VRM). Some are organizations, some are commercial entities, some are standing open source code development efforts.

Relationship management tools and services
MyWave † "Puts the customer in control of getting personalised experiences anytime, anywhere, on any device."
PeerCraft † "A personal agent offering a set of commerce tools to its individual private users. The main purpose for Peercraft is to support Vendor Relation Management - the new trade paradigm allowing consumers to express their intentions and manage their purchases on their own terms."
Personal.com † - "The easiest, safest way to manage all your digital info & passwords"
About2Buy † "A Collaborative Commerce System to Align Internet Buyers & Sellers Via Multiple Channels of Social Distribution."
AskForIt † - individual demand aggregation and advocacy
BePleez † - Intentcasting
Fetch † "...all you have to do is describe what you need with a text or a photo, and your personal buying assistant will handle the rest."
Crowdspending † "... gives each of us the power of all of us."
GetHuman † "Need to contact a company? Or have them call you? Get customer service faster and easier."
HomeAdvisor † "We help you find trusted home improvement pros."
Indie Dash Button † "This ... turns traditional advertising on its head, and removes the need for complicated targeting technology. Customers readily identify themselves, creating more valuable sales channels where guesswork is all but eliminated."
Intently † - Intentcasting "shouts" for services
Instacart † "The best way to shop for groceries — Delivered from the stores you love in one hour"
Mesh † "Connect with only the things you love... See ads from brands that matter to you. And block the ones that don't."
MyTime † "Book appointments for anything."
Nifti † - Intentcasting "puts" in the market at customer (or community-) -chosen prices
OffersByMe † - intentcasting for local offers
Pikaba † "Pikaba is Social Shopping Platform that captures consumer intent to purchase and connects them with the right local business."
PricePatrol † "monitors nearby stores for what you want at the price you want"
Prizzm †- Was a social CRM platform rewarding customers for telling businesses what they want, what they like, and what they have problems with. Now "demand based advertising."
RedBeacon † "Trusted pros for a better home."
TaskRabbit † "Tell us what you need, let us know what we can take off your plate, choose a Tasker, hire one of our fully vetted Taskers to get the job done."
Thumbtack † "We help you hire experienced professionals at a price that's right for you"
Trovi Intentcasting; matching searchers and vendors in Portland, OR and Chandler, AZ†
Übokia † "Get anything you want on your terms."
WebOfNeeds - "A distributed marketplace driven by customer needs."
yellCast † "What you want, where you want it."
Zaarly † "Hire the best home services experts."
AbineDo Not Track Me, DeleteMe, MaskMe PrivacyWatch: privacy-protecting browser extensions and services
AdBlock Plus Ad and tracking blocking.
Emmett † "An easy to install browser plugin that protects your privacy online"
Disconnect.me † browser extentions to stop unwanted tracking, control data sharing
Ghostery † browser extension for tracking and controlling the trackers
GnuPG "encrypt and sign your data and communication
Heart "The HEART Working Group intends to harmonize and develop a set of privacy and security specifications that enable an individual to control the authorization of access to RESTful health-related data sharing APIs..."
Lightbeam "See who’s tracking you online" (from Mozilla, was Collusion)
Open Whisper Systems - "Open Source security for mobile devices."
OwnCloud - "sync & share your files, calendar, contacts and more. Access your data from all your devices, on an open platform you can extend and modify."
Privacyfix † "One dashboard for your Facebook®, LinkedIn®, and Google® privacy. Blocks over 1200 trackers."
PrivacyScore † browser extensions and services to users and site builders for keeping track of trackers
Privowny † - "Your personal data coach. Protect your identity/privacy. Track what the Internet knows about you."
ProxiMe Geofencing private health data in treatment contexts (e.g. Ebola) slide presentation
Silent Circle † "Mobile Privacy Solutions for Individuals and Enterprise"
Wickr † "an iPhone encryption app any 3-year-old can use" and "secure communications that Leave No Trace"
Tails "a live system that aims to preserve your privacy and anonymity. It helps you to use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer but leaving no trace unless you ask it to explicitly."
Tonido - "Access your files from anywhere. Share large files and folders with family, friends and colleagues. Setup public direct links so anyone can access the content or create a secure private share that only authorized people are allowed to access them."
Tor and the Tor Browser Bundle "prevents somebody watching your Internet connection"
UBOS - Linux distro for personal servers and internet-of-things devices controlled by the user, plus apps
InfoGrid - graph database for personal networking applications
ProjectDanube - open source software for identity and personal data services
Confide † - "Messages disappear after they're read, ensuring all of your communication remains private, confidential and always off the record."
Gliph †- private, secure identity management and messaging for smartphones
Directly † - customer service Q&A site connecting to people who have worked in big companies and are willing to help when the company can’t or won't
PingUp (was Getabl) †- chat utility for customers to engage with merchants the instant customers are looking for something
OTR Off-the-Record Messaging "allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging"
TrustFabric † - service for managing relationships with sellers
PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (aka PIMs; Personal Clouds, Stores, Lockers and Vaults)
4th Party † "C2B platform for trusted brands"
BosonWeb † "Part of a global privacy movement for redefining the Internet, where people, businesses & devices all interact within a trusted network"
Camilstore Personal storage system. "Note that it's a 'storage system', not just a 'file system'."
ComplainApp † - An iOS/Android app to "submit complaints to businesses instantly - and find people with similar complaints"
Connect.Me † - peer-to-peer reputation, personal agent @respectconnect
CozyCloud † - personal cloud storage, service
DataBanker - lets individual consumers aggregate and understand their personal behavioral data, and sell that data to product designers, marketers, and social researchers
ForgeRock † "Builds secure relationships across the modern Web including cloud, social, mobile, and enterprise environments"
Geddup.com † - personal data and relationship management
Glome † "Anonymously control Web's offerings and get paid for interacting with businesses"
Higgins - open source, personal data
Hushmail † "a private email account with no ads, first class technical support and unlimited email aliases"
InformationAnswers † "Where CRM meets VRM...a consulting and development business centred on the emerging personal data ecosystem"
LastPass † - a secure password vault and service
Lavaboom † "free secure email for everybody"
The Locker Project - open source, personal data
MyDigipass † Secure login. "The ultimate password app"
Mydex †- personal data stores and other services
MySocialCloud † - personal password management Acquired by Reputation.com on 23 July 2013
OneCub †- Le compte unique pour vos inscriptions en ligne (single account for online registration)
Oneexus † - "Always personal, private and safe. Keep your data with Onexus Cloud."
Paoga † - personal data, personal agent
percloud - "A free software, portable, personal alternative to centralized email, social networking and other Web services."
Personal Clouds - personal cloud wiki; has logo program for companies and products that meet the personal cloud principles
Pribook † a personal cloud network for "personal identity, vendor relationship management and personal network of things"
Privowny † - privacy company for protecting personal identities and for tracking use and abuse of those identities, building relationships
QIY † - independent infrastructure for managing personal data and relationships
The Trusted Cloud Company † Personal clouds. (In private beta, February 2014.)
Trov † "a private online digital locker for all the information about every thing you own"
[1] † "The most efficient, wide ranging and accessible platforms for individual privacy and security anywhere"
Transaction Management
Dashlane † - "The world's best password manager & secure digital wallet.
Trust-Based or -Providing Systems and Services
id3 - trust frameworks. Includes openPDS and Open Mustard Seed.
Respect Network † - VRM personal cloud network based on OAuth, XDI, KRL, unhosted, and other open standards, open source, and open data initiatives. Respect Network is the parent of Connect.Me. @respectnet @respectconnect @drummondreed
Trust.cc Personal social graph based fraud prevention, affiliated with Social Islands
Allfiled † "The Trust Platform behind businesses who put their customers first"
belmewel-register.nl — the "Dutch YouMayCallMe registry" † "reverses the customer paradigm"
Casius † "Matching home owners with pre-screened & qualified local contractors"
citizenme † a personal identity management service
Cloudstore † personal clouds
Datacoup † a marketplace that translates personal data into a form of currency used for exchange on goods, offers or both
Digital Animal † "Enables individuals to manifest their value in their digital networks, at their eleciton, without advertising, in an authentic, secure and participatory process"
dotui.com † intelligent media solutions for retail and hospitality customers
FileThis † "Take the paper and the work out of paperwork... Think outside your inbox."
Flamingo † Service company working toward leveling the playing field between service providers and customers
easyDNS † Customer driven managed DNS hosting, domain tools and registration with no lock-in
Edentiti Customer driven verification of identity
Eris Industries † "Secure Autonomous Serverless Distributed Application Software Stack." "We empower developers to embrace participatory software architecture via distributed computing and smart contract systems."
First Retail Inc. † commodity infrastructure for bi-directional marketplaces to enable the Personal RFP
Get Satisfaction † Forum software for customer feedback
HelloPeter † "Report on the service you receive from any supplier - anywhere, and tell the world. Quickly and for free."
Helpshift † "An in-app customer support platform that enables mobile apps to improve customer experience"
Real Estate Cafe † money-saving services for DIY homebuyers & FSBOs
Hover.com Customer-driven domain management†
Hypothes.is - open source, peer review
iHealthHome † "A comprehensive in-home monitoring and communication system designed for professional caregivers...enables client self-management to improve health and reduce total cost of care"
Maidsafe † "(Massive Array of Internet Disks - Secure Access For Everyone) is an open-source program (hosted on GitHub) that enables a decentralized internet platform.."
mediagoblin - " a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc."
Meeco † "...an easy way to manage your digital life and control your information, so you can decide who you want to share it with and be rewarded for being you!
MyInfoSafe † "Helps you organize & protect your personal information"
MyWave † "MyWave CMR puts the customer in charge of their data and the experience."
Neustar "Cooperation through trusted connections" †
NewGov.us - GRM, Government Relationship Management
0pii † "Zero Personally Identifiable Information, supported by decentralized user data"
OwnYourInfo † Personal information storing and sharing application
Powr Of You † "Map your digital life & learn about yourself. Get rewarded and unlock the power of your data."
Reputation.com † - Service for controlling one's reputation online
Resolver - "Helps you solve issues against over 1,500 key services for free"
SmarterComplaints † "A service to help people and companies resolve disputes about products and services."
Spotflux † malware, tracking, unwanted ad filtration through an encrypted tunnel
SwitchBook † - personal search
Tangled Web † - mobile, P2P & PDS
The Banyan Project- community news co-ops owned by reader/members
TheGoodData † "Helps you control your personal data and make it work for a good cause"
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal Web notebook
Ting † - customer-driven mobile virtual network operator (MVNO - a cell phone company)
Tucows † Parent of Ting and Hover
VirtualZero - Open food platform, supply chain transparency
WeMakeItSafer † - "Items I Own sends alerts when it's important to YOU"
† User-driven personalized content delivery
Welcomer † " Private Data Dashboards show collected summaries of the personal data held by organisations and by individuals including the person themselves. The dashboard gives a summary of personal data with the ability to link through to the source data (where required)."
Youstice † "We help customers and retailers resolve shopping issues quickly and effectively"
EmanciPay - dev project for customer-driven payment choices
GRM: Government Relationship Management - subcategory of VRM
ListenLog - personal data logging
Personal RFP - crowdsourcing, standards
R-button - UI elements for relationship members
BlackPhone † "a secure starting point for your personal and proprietary communications. It combines a fortified Android operating system with a suite of apps designed to provide you with absolute privacy."
Databox "a technical platform enabling people to engage with the collection, management and consumption of personal data... personal, under the direct control of the individual whose data it holds." Also see "How a box could solve the personal data conundrum."
Freedom Box - personal server on free software and hardware
Indie Box - run open-source web applications on personal server in your home
Personal Server - "Life is better when you have your own server and are in control of your digital life"
Precipitat, WebBox - new architecture for decentralizing the Web, little server
Protonet † - "we’ve built the hardware and software to eliminate the need for cloud services and for IT expertise."
Scanadu † - A scanner packed with sensors designed to read your vital signs and send them wirelessly to your smartphone
Standards, Frameworks, Code bases and Protocols
arkOS A personal cloud operating system.
CloudOS An operating system for personal clouds and PICOs (persistent compute objects).
CliqueSpace A system that models user and device interactions. See this SSRN paper.
cyanogenmod Replaces current Android install with one that doesn't narc you to Google
Datownia † - builds APIs from Excel spreadsheets held in Dropbox
Etherium - "a platform and a programming language that makes it possible for any developer to build and publish next-generation distributed applications."
FinTP - "the first open source application for financial transactions"
Digital Asset Grid S prototype for secure and accountable Intentcasting infrastructure, funded by SWIFT Innotribe.
Evented APIs - new standard for live web interactivity
GoodRelations - "The Web vocabulary for e-commerce"
Hub of All Things (HAT) "Platform for a multi-sided market powered by the Internet of Things" and "understanding context and lived lives; new economic and business models; the future of connected things in the home; personalised products and services; data ownership and empowerment of the individual in a fully connected digital world."
Indie "a new post-cloud platform where you are the network."
KRL (Kinetic Rules Language) - personal event networks, personal rulesets, programming Live Web interactions @windley
Kynetx † - personal clouds, personal rule languages, etc. See @windley and this Github collection.
Oneswarm - privacy protecting peer-to-peer data sharing
http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/persona/ Mozilla Persona] - a privacy-protecting one-click email-based way to do single sign on at websites
Owncloud "provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices — wherever you are."
percloud "personal cloud free software." Currently in fund raising. Explained here.
Tahrir — "aims to be a distributed, decentralized, scalable, and anonymous "workalike" for services like Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook"
TAS3.eu — Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services - R&D toward a trusted architecture and set of adaptive security services for individuals
Telehash - standards, personal data protocols
Tent - open decentralized protocol for personal autonomy and social networking
The Mine! Project - personal data, personal agent
UMA - standards
webfinger - personal Web discovery, finger over HTTP
XDI - OASIS semantic data interchange standard
Analysts, Research organizations and Consultants
Ctrl-SHIFT † - analysts
PureProfile † "Connects you with a range of paid surveys,

cool insights and content matched to you"

Synergetics † - VRM for job markets
The REXpedition † "The relationship economy expedition"
HealthURL - "Helps for-profit and not-for-profit organizations navigate rapid change in medical device and health information technology to bring simple and fully connected products and services to market."
Customer Commons - "for liberated, powerful and respected customers"
Data Privacy Lab "a program in the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University... to provide intellectual leadership to society in shaping the evolving relationship between technology and the legal right to or public expectation of privacy in the collection and sharing of data."
Fing.org - VRM fostering organization in France
The H(app)athon Project "Connecting Happiness to Action"
Information Sharing Workgroup at Kantara - legal agreements, trust frameworks
Midata Innovation Lab "Working to give consumers better access to the personal data that companies hold about them. @ Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS)."
Midata "Providing better information and protection for consumers. Organisation: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills"
Patient Privacy Rights - Patient privacy advocacy organization
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) - industry collaborative
The Gov Lab - "The Governance Lab (the GovLab) brings together thinkers and doers who design, implement, and study technology enabled solutions that advance a collaborative, networked approach to reinvent institutions of governance."
IIW: Internet Identity Workshop - Twice-yearly unconference in Mountain View. Coming up on our 20th in April 2015.

† Indicates companies. Others are organizations, development projects or both. Some development projects are affiliated with companies.
A - creating standard
B - Using other standards
1 - EventedAPI