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|- style="background-color:#f0f0f0; text-align: left;"  
| '''Personal Data and Relationship Management'''
| '''Personal Data and Relationship Management'''
|  [http://www.azigo.com/ Azigo.com] † - personal data, personal agent
| [https://camlistore.org Camilstore] Personal storage system. "Note that it's a 'storage system', not just a 'file system'."
| [https://camlistore.org Camilstore] Personal storage system. "Note that it's a 'storage system', not just a 'file system'."

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Here is a partial list of VRM development efforts. (See About VRM). Some are organizations, some are commercial entities, some are standing open source code development efforts.

AskForIt † - individual demand aggregation and advocacy
BePleez † - Intentcasting
Body Shop Bids † - intentcasting for auto body work bids based on uploaded photos
GetHuman † "Need to contact a company? Or have them call you? Get customer service faster and easier."
Have to Have † - "A single destination to store and share everything you want online"
Intently † - Intentcasting "shouts" for services
Nifti † - Intentcasting "puts" in the market at customer (or community-) -chosen prices
OffersByMe † - intentcasting for local offers
Pikaba † "Pikaba is Social Shopping Platform that captures consumer intent to purchase and connects them with the right local business."
PricePatrol † "monitors nearby stores for what you want at the price you want"
Prizzm †- Was a social CRM platform rewarding customers for telling businesses what they want, what they like, and what they have problems with. Now "demand based advertising."
RedBeacon † - intentcasting locally for home services
Thumbtack † - service for finding trustworthy local service providers
Trovi intentcasting; matching searchers and vendors in Portland, OR and Chandler, AZ†
Uber † Ride=ordering
Übokia † intentcasting from photos of desired things
WebOfNeeds - "A distributed marketplace driven by customer needs."
Zaarly † intentcasting to community - local so far in SF and NYC
Privacy protection
AbineDo Not Track Me, DeleteMe, MaskMe PrivacyWatch: privacy-protecting browser extensions and services
AdBlock Plus Ad and tracking blocking.
Emmett † "An easy to install browser plugin that protects your privacy online"
Collusion Firefox add-on for viewing third parties tracking your movements
Disconnect.me † browser extentions to stop unwanted tracking, control data sharing
Ghostery † browser extension for tracking and controlling the trackers
Privacyfix † "One dashboard for your Facebook®, LinkedIn®, and Google® privacy. Blocks over 1200 trackers."
PrivacyScore † browser extensions and services to users and site builders for keeping track of trackers
Privowny † - "Your personal data coach. Protect your identity/privacy. Track what the Internet knows about you."
Wickr † "an iPhone encryption app any 3-year-old can use" and "secure communications that Leave No Trace"
InfoGrid - graph database for personal networking applications
ProjectDanube - open source software for identity and personal data services
Confide † - "Messages disappear after they're read, ensuring all of your communication remains private, confidential and always off the record."
Gliph †- private, secure identity management and messaging for smartphones
Directly † - customer service Q&A site connecting to people who have worked in big companies and are willing to help when the company can’t or won't
PingUp (was Getabl) †- chat utility for customers to engage with merchants the instant customers are looking for something
TrustFabric † - service for managing relationships with sellers
Personal Data and Relationship Management
Camilstore Personal storage system. "Note that it's a 'storage system', not just a 'file system'."
ComplainApp † - An iOS/Android app to "submit complaints to businesses instantly - and find people with similar complaints"
Connect.Me † - peer-to-peer reputation, personal agent @respectconnect
CozyCloud † - personal cloud storage, service
DataBanker - lets individual consumers aggregate and understand their personal behavioral data, and sell that data to product designers, marketers, and social researchers
Geddup.com † - personal data and relationship management
Higgins - open source, personal data
LastPass † - a secure password vault and service
The Locker Project - open source, personal data
MyDigipass † Secure login. "The ultimate password app"
Mydex †- personal data stores and other services
MySocialCloud † - personal password management Acquired by Reputation.com on 23 July 2013
OneCub †- Le compte unique pour vos inscriptions en ligne (single account for online registration)
Paoga † - personal data, personal agent
percloud - "A free software, portable, personal alternative to centralized email, social networking and other Web services."
Personal.com † - personal data storage, personal agent
Personal Clouds - personal cloud wiki; has logo program for companies and products that meet the personal cloud principles
Pribook † a personal cloud network for "personal identity, vendor relationship management and personal network of things"
Privowny † - privacy company for protecting personal identities and for tracking use and abuse of those identities, building relationships
QIY † - independent infrastructure for managing personal data and relationships
The Trusted Cloud Company † Personal clouds. (In private beta, February 2014.)
Trov † "a private online digital locker for all the information about every thing you own"
Transaction Management
Dashlane † - simplified login and checkout
Trust-Based or -Providing Systems and Services
id3 - trust frameworks. Includes openPDS and Open Mustard Seed.
Respect Network † - VRM personal cloud network based on OAuth, XDI, KRL, unhosted, and other open standards, open source, and open data initiatives. Respect Network is the parent of Connect.Me. @respectnet @respectconnect @drummondreed
Trust.cc Personal social graph based fraud prevention, affiliated with Social Islands
belmewel-register.nl — the "Dutch YouMayCallMe registry" † "reverses the customer paradigm"
Casius † "Matching home owners with pre-screened & qualified local contractors"
Cloudstore † personal clouds
Datacoup † a marketplace that translates personal data into a form of currency used for exchange on goods, offers or both
dotui.com † intelligent media solutions for retail and hospitality customers
Flamingo † Service company working toward leveling the playing field between service providers and customers
easyDNS † Customer driven managed DNS hosting, domain tools and registration with no lock-in
Edentiti Customer driven verification of identity
First Retail Inc. † commodity infrastructure for bi-directional marketplaces to enable the Personal RFP
Get Satisfaction † Forum software for customer feedback
Real Estate Cafe † money-saving services for DIY homebuyers & FSBOs
Hover.com Customer-driven domain management†
Hypothes.is - open source, peer review
mediagoblin - " a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc."
Meeco † "...an easy way to manage your digital life and control your information, so you can decide who you want to share it with and be rewarded for being you!
MyWave † "MyWave CMR puts the customer in charge of their data and the experience."
Neustar "Cooperation through trusted connections" †
NewGov.us - GRM, Government Relationship Management
OwnYourInfo Personal information storing and sharing application †
Reputation.com † - Service for controlling one's reputation online
Spotflux † malware, tracking, unwanted ad filtration through an encrypted tunnel
SwitchBook † - personal search
Tangled Web † - mobile, P2P & PDS
The Banyan Project- community news co-ops owned by reader/members
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal Web notebook
Ting † - customer-driven mobile virtual network operator (MVNO - a cell phone company)
Tucows † Parent of Ting and Hover
VirtualZero - Open food platform, supply chain transparency
WeMakeItSafer † - "Items I Own sends alerts when it's important to YOU"
† User-driven personalized content delivery
EmanciPay - dev project for customer-driven payment choices
GRM: Government Relationship Management - subcategory of VRM
ListenLog - personal data logging
Personal RFP - crowdsourcing, standards
R-button - UI elements for relationship members
Freedom Box - personal server on free software and hardware
Indie Box - run open-source web applications on personal server in your home
Precipitat, WebBox - new architecture for decentralizing the Web, little server
Scanadu † - A scanner packed with sensors designed to read your vital signs and send them wirelessly to your smartphone
Standards, Frameworks, Code bases and Protocols
arkOS A personal cloud operating system.
CloudOS An operating system for personal clouds and PICOs (persistent compute objects).
CliqueSpace A system that models user and device interactions. See this SSRN paper.
Datownia † - builds APIs from Excel spreadsheets held in Dropbox
Etherium - "a platform and a programming language that makes it possible for any developer to build and publish next-generation distributed applications."
FinTP - "the first open source application for financial transactions"
Digital Asset Grid S prototype for secure and accountable Intentcasting infrastructure, funded by SWIFT Innotribe.
Evented APIs - new standard for live web interactivity
KRL (Kinetic Rules Language) - personal event networks, personal rulesets, programming Live Web interactions @windley
Kynetx † - personal clouds, personal rule languages, etc. See @windley and this Github collection.
Oneswarm - privacy protecting peer-to-peer data sharing
http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/persona/ Mozilla Persona] - a privacy-protecting one-click email-based way to do single sign on at websites
Owncloud "provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices — wherever you are."
percloud "personal cloud free software." Currently in fund raising. Explained here.
Tahrir — "aims to be a distributed, decentralized, scalable, and anonymous "workalike" for services like Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook"
TAS3.eu — Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services - R&D toward a trusted architecture and set of adaptive security services for individuals
Telehash - standards, personal data protocols
Tent - open decentralized protocol for personal autonomy and social networking
The Mine! Project - personal data, personal agent
UMA - standards
webfinger - personal Web discovery, finger over HTTP
XDI - OASIS semantic data interchange standard
Analysts and Consultants
Ctrl-SHIFT † - analysts
Synergetics † - VRM for job markets
VRM Labs - Research
HealthURL - Medical
Fing.org - VRM fostering organization
Information Sharing Workgroup at Kantara - legal agreements, trust frameworks
Midata Innovation Lab "Working to give consumers better access to the personal data that companies hold about them. @ Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS)."
Midata "Providing better information and protection for consumers. Organisation: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills"
Patient Privacy Rights - Patient privacy advocacy organization
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) - industry collaborative
IIW: Internet Identity Workshop - yearly unconference in Mountain View
VRM Hub - meeting in London

† Indicates companies. Others are organizations, development projects or both. Some development projects are affiliated with companies. (e.g. Telehash and The Locker Project with Singly, and KRL with Kynetx.)
A - creating standard
B - Using other standards
1 - EventedAPI