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Unconference breakout sessions for Day 1

Unconference breakout sessions for Day 2

Notes for the Government Relationship Management (GRM) Session

  • Q: How do we create citizen ownership of the governance process?
  • Q: What is the tragedy of the Netroots?
  • Q: How do we get citizens and politicians to engage in a deeper way?
  • Q: What could help to bring about deeper citizen engagement resilient and sustainable?
    • conversations that lead to smarter policy, minimizing the effect of sound bites and 30-sec TV ads
    • positive feedback loops that keep citizens coming back
    • clear ways to channel emotion into a solution
    • widespread harnessing of tools like SeeClickFix-- geolocation through mobile platforms so citizens can point out deficiencies at a particular location and notify government of problems
    • confidence that commenting on a social network can result in action or notification to the appropriate government agency
    • easy ways to walk up a ladder of engagement of deeper and more meaningful public participation
    • tips/training wheels on how to be more effective as an engaged citizen
    • game-like user experiences to make citizenship more engaging (works for some citizens)
    • a possible Mechanical Turk for government where a government agency can ask a large number of citizens to take a particular action. Perhaps this can also be bidirectional where citizens can initiate a request for several government agencies to collaborate on a solving a problem that was identified by citizens and around which large numbers of citizens rallied.