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Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. Harvard University Law School

... is a conference and workshop for VRM and CRM developers and other professionals, where the process of building out common ground between the two can begin.

The event will be small and mostly by invitation. The emphasis is on working together, and not on any promotional purposes of either. The common ground to be built out -- essentially the new marketplace where real two-way relationships can take place, and economic value can be unlocked and grown with mimimal friction -- is potentially enormous. But as yet it does not exist. It is the intention of ProjectVRM and many other interested parties that on 28 August that this new marketplace will be born and start growing.

Here are the tentative agendas for both days:

Thursday, 26 August

  • Doc Searls, ProjectVRM
  • Iain Henderson, MyDex
  • Renee Lloyd, ProjectVRM
  • Joe Andrieu, Switchbook

Friday, 27 August

  • Recap of Day One (esp. Day 1 afternoon breakout sessions)
  • Chris Carfi
  • CRM spokesperson (TBA)
  • Breakout Session Setting
  • Breakout Sessions (2 - 3 tracks, 1 - 2 hours each)

Here sessions will be open, smaller, and in breakout rooms. Topics will be chosen by the participants and posted here and on the wall at the main room of the conference. The purpose will be to both to discuss the chosen topic and to develop concrete next steps. These will be presented by each group to the whole conference in the closing session.

For more details and to provide suggestions, please contact Doc Searls at dsearls AT cyber.law.harvard.edu. At the end of the day all participants will gather and each group will report its progress. Next steps are required and will be posted here.

There will be breaks for refreshments.

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