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VRM + CRM 2010 is a workshop for VRM and CRM developers and other professionals, where the process of building out common ground between the two can begin. It is hosted by ProjectVRM and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and will take place at Pound Hall in Harvard Law School on Thursday and Friday, 26 and 27 August. It's free of charge, and you can register here.

The common ground to be built out is the marketplace where real two-way relationships can take place, and economic value can be unlocked and grown with mimimal friction. This marketplace is potentially enormous, but as yet it does not exist. It is the intention of ProjectVRM and many other interested parties that on 28 August this new marketplace will be born and start growing. (Background posts are here, here and here.)

The purpose of the workshop is to get this work started. Since this will be the first VRM+CRM event of any kind, the potential leverage of participating in this workshop is quite large.


Both days will open with brief talks by participants working on VRM or CRM tools that face each other. The talks will be followed by unconference-style breakout sessions, with topics chosen by the participants. Each session will designate a note-taker, notes will be put on this wiki, and each session will report on results at the end of the day.

Here are the tentative agendas for both days:

Thursday, 26 August

  • VRM: Doc Searls, ProjectVRM; Iain Henderson, MyDex; Renee Lloyd, ProjectVRM; Joe Andrieu, Switchbook...
  • CRM: TBD
  • Setting topics for the afternoon breakout sessions
  • Breakout Sessions

Friday, 27 August

  • Recap of Day One (esp. Day 1 afternoon breakout sessions)
  • Chris Carfi, Project VRM
  • CRM person(s) (TBD)
  • Breakout Session Setting
  • Breakout Sessions

Register through Eventbrite

Offsite activities

Sponsorships for dinners in the evenings are available.

For details about those, and to provide suggestions, please contact Doc Searls at dsearls AT cyber.law.harvard.edu.

Getting there

Pound Hall is on Massachusetts Avenue on the Harvard Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here is a map. It is a modern brick building diagonally northeast of Cambridge Common (a park) and just south of a new building still under construction. Street parking is limited to only two hours, and is strictly enforced. Public parking tends to be expensive. The best way to come is by subway or bus. Pound Hall is a stop on the #77 MBTA bus line. It is also walking distance from the Harvard station on the MBTA Red Line. If you are driving, we recommend parking at the Alewife station at the end of the Red Line (it's at the inbound end of Highway 2). The cost is $8 per day, and trains run constantly. Harvard is 3 stops and about 8 minutes from Alewife. If you are flying in, there are many hotels close to the Red Line. The Harvard station is about 20 minutes from downtown Boston. From Logan Airport, you can take the Silver Line to the South Street station, also on the Red Line. It's $1.50, leaves frequently, and is about as fast as a taxi.