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Registering a domain name is one of the most foremost steps in taking your firm online. Registering a domain name will give you and your firm an online presence.Choosing a poor domain name could be disastrous.

Introduction 25cDomain Names - Definition: A domain name makes up the part of the Uniform reserved supply Locater or "Url" as it has become known. For example, The Url is the address one types into the address bar of your popular web browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. The 'http://' stands for hypertext exchange protocol', which represents a set of rules defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that allows web servers and web browsers review and change data. The 'www' within the Url indicates the server or host name within a business and distinguishes it from a associates main Internet or non-web-related servers, such as a local intranet. A domain name (i.e. 'yourwebsite') is identifier for an Internet or web server from as in gularfirm or institution. For example, the 'your website' aspect of the Url is determined the Server's name and the '.com' is called the top level domain for the website. Since the 'http://' and the 'www.' portions of the Url are placed in the address bar of the browser by institution - and are not commonly required - thisarticle will not discuss this further. Thus, the most foremost aspects of choosing a domain name are the domain name server and the top level for the website. Domain Name Here are the mostforemost components of a good domain name: Short - a good domain name should be short,concise and memorable, especially if the reader has to remember it and return back to his or her web browser some time later; too long, and the reader may forget it or misspell it and land on an error page. Thematic - your domain name should reflect what your site is all about; let the viewer know what to expect. Keywords - ideally your domain name should contain keyword-rich which impart your normal website theme. It should be general and allow for more exact genres straight through your menus and navigation system. Keyword-rich domain names make for an exqui site quest motor optimization strategy too, which is beyond the scope of this article. Branding - why not brand yourself and use your own name if you are and evotee in a field of expertise. You could even make your firm name your domain name. Your goods line or brand could make your domain name. Hyphenated - with so many good existing domain names already taken, the pressure to start adding extra words or hyphens increases. The problem with hyphens and extra words (like vs the are that users may even forget to put them in or even misspell the domain name when attempting to type them in. Easy Spelling - a good domain name should be easy to spell - best in the middle of the fourth and eighth grade level. For example, best could absolutely be typed in as best for those who cannot remember 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' rule. And avoiding double consonants too like best the the duplicate 't' could unmistakably be typed in three times instead of two. Dot Com or Not? Not all website end in the dot com extension. If your business is situated in Canada, the the dot ca or '.ca' prolongation would be appropriate. Most experts would agree that if you are doing business online, the most reputable top level domain name is still the .com extension - not to mention the most memorable prolongation used by web users. It is not uncommon for web surfers to type in a keyword like shopping online and then just add the .com extension. If your website concerns a non-profit society the .org extension would be great as it is less likely to transport acommercial feel to any possible surfers or users. Selecting a good domain name is a cinch when adhering to these basic steps. Following these basic tenets of domain name option criteria will ensure your online success.

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