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(guys and girls, pls have a look at my thoughts below, Cheers Bart)

VRM ActionPacks are designed to help various influencers and decision makers understand and implement VRM principals and technologies into their next project or product. Please feel free to contribute to and share these packs freely.

They need to be written:

  • For Bloggers and Media
  • For Designers
  • For Developers
  • For Executives

Topics which need to be included are:

  • Problem Overview
  • Problem Specifics

Actions you can take

  • Community Evangelism
  • Open Initiatives

List open source projects that could benefit from input from this audience

  • Implement VRM

A list of resources that make it possible for this [audience] to implement VRM into your next product or consultancy programme.

  • Business Justification Guides
  • Design/Decision Guides
  • Reference Implementations
  • Case Studies - Industry specific
  • List of places you can promote your outcomes/register your compatibility
  • Host a VRM talk
  • Sample Slides
  • List of people to invite in your area (nominate yourself!)