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The objective of the Standards Committee is to Ensure the Development and publishing of open standards and specifications for VRM services.

This page will be the central point of organization for the committee.

The near term strategies of the standards committee are three-fold:

  1. Work on VRM Services, starting with the Personal Address Manager Service, which started life as the Change of Address Use Case at IIW2007b.
  2. Develop an organizational capability in creating and working with use cases
  3. Regular bi-weekly teleconferences.
    1. Standards Committee Teleconference 2008 10 08
    2. Category:Standards Committee Teleconferences
  1. Regular quarterly face-to-face meetings

If you would like to contribute to these efforts, please email [Joe Andrieu], the chair of this committee and we can arrange for you to join the Standards Committee mailing list. (This is a working list for the committee, not the discussion list of item 1 above.) Please specifically mention the Standards Committee so I can distinguish your interest from general VRM inquiries.

You might also want to review the Initiatives page, which was an early draft of a proposed process for developing VRM standards. Our language has changed a bit and we will not be focusing on Use Cases rather than initiatives, but we will be doing much of the same work.