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Ian: re research: Kantara has some $$ to go toward consumer research.
Ian: re research: Kantara has some $$ to go toward consumer research.
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===Progress report===
===Progress report===

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Conference Call Notes

Drafted by Judi C, September 30, 2009


#vrm at chat.freenode.net

Other Calls

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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Dean Landsman
  • Iain Henderson
  • Alan Mitchell
  • Doc Searls
  • Judi Clark
  • Keith Hopper
  • Drummond Reed


Blog, Tweet our Meeting

Please tweet using #VRM about east coast meeting. Blog about it as well, using VRM as a tag.

Need to involve Health Care

Dean is talking with Mike Kirkwood, Mark Scrimshire, to come to the Oct workshop. Important to get health care contingent and commercial (enterprise) world to hear benefits of VRM world Dean suggests Doc invite Adrian Grouper; Doc saw Adrian recently at Berkman

Doc: part of what's going on with health care thing is market speaking (signal cutting out some). Couple things I want to do: put up a web page as landing site (will coordinate w Dean who owns domain and has been hosting) - right now redirects to long URL elsewhere. Doc wants to have this happen before the meeting. Also: we need an animal (mascot) to symbolize what they do. Also need a shorter name for what the workshops are (about), like IIW*. Now it's a sentence not a name. Can add location afterwords (VRM2Boston). Dean suggests using regular numbers, not roman numerals.

Alan: seems sensible.

Doc's Book and Research

Doc: after long period of silence, Harvard Biz Press got in touch about his book: now called Intention Economy: What happens when Customers get Real Power. Will take historical angle. Owns intentioneconomy.* - will work on site in sync w writing. On side: consulting group in London, at a meeting, most had read new Cluetrain and new VRM chapter.

At workshop, want research to be on agenda. Under new theme at Berkman, Doc has obligation to do research on VRM. Thoughts welcome on what that research might be.

Joe sent Doc a draft email re pricing mechanisms, shifts because of Internet. Dean: we need a backchannel for draft discussion. Doc: whole concept of signaling mechanisms is interesting, worth exploring. Look at Andrew McAfee's work (andrewmcafee.org @beaker) at Sloan/MIT on Enterprise 2.0 - Doc has been assigned w mentoring him. Would also like Eric von Hipple to come. (?)

Ian: re research: Kantara has some $$ to go toward consumer research.

Progress report

Joe: Eve presented where she's at (UMA) - a version of oAuth and validation to access a resource; some statement of terms, mechanism for requesting party to say they met those terms. Exterior to protocol for specifications, terms open to implementers.

Dean: any thoughts re meeting starting on 12th, also Doc re dinners? Doc: hit up JP for sponsorship. Name of place in Harvard Square...(Daedalus)