September 09 2008 Conference Call

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Topic: Relbutton working meeting


  • Keith Hopper
  • Dean Landsman
  • Iain Henderson
  • Britt Blaser
  • Matt Cooperider
  • Joe Andrieu
  • Drummond Reed
  • Chris Carfi
  • Doc Searls

Action Items

  • Drummond send out link to IDTBD google doc notes
  • Use discussion page on r-button for discussion, thoughts, ideas, questions
  • Update format and content for r-button specification page
  • Dean to ask Sean and crew about "r-button"
  • Pick date for convening at Berkman re: VRM + Public Media
    • Keith check with Barbara Applebee
    • Who could do prototyping? Asa? Leonard Lynn? Phil Jacob? Britt Blaser? Could all coelese?
  • Update r-button image (ccarfi)

Agenda notes, questions, comments

  • Functional spec & Digital ID world
    • Meeting held on 9/9 on volunteered personal information button. Agreed that it should it be the same as the r-button - to be deployed by pariity
  • R-button page and requirements that Doc has created
    • Idea from Andre - browser plug-in icon (toolbar / add-on items) that represents r-button functionality
  • Public Media Barcamp
  • Use convening power of Berkman to bring together VRM incorporating a Public Media audience: show off and follow-up
  • Sean / marketing update
    • Trying to schedule a call for this week
  • iPhone update - budgets submitted, waiting for CPB confirmation, 'direct giving' scheduled for
  • Update from Digital ID World - check google doc notes on IDTBD google groups