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Note: these are my notes from our meeting in Redwood City at the Sofitel, jotted onto the laptop during the day – emphasis and interpretations mine. Often I’ve put the speaker’s name in front of a statement or comments. Please feel free to add, change, correct ,edit, enhance, expand and expound. --Dean Landsman

Jan 25 2007 VRM Meeting - Sofitel, Redwood City CA

This is the relationship market User-centric identity Relating through federating? (NB: tantamount to large companies having safe sex w each other using each others data)

The Giving up of Competition (or, Competition As We Know It) (…as They Know It)

Markets: 3 levels → transaction conversation relationship --- this is the totality of negotiation (no order required for these to prosper)

Markets can grow and thrive at any of three levels: transaction, conversation and relationship.

Conversation – learn -- perceive value (buy or sell) via relationship

Markets as relationships (conversations morph into relationships)

Problem w/ CRM = vendor solely owns/determines the relationship

This meeting, this initiative: It is a development project, not just research

Populate the wiki with more stuff – coherence re what’s going on – input from those of us here – add experience of group (developers, etc) to move concept forward

Are large sums of money fighting VRM? Room says perhaps, maybe not yet, perhaps VRM not engaged yet at monolith level . . . . Doc: none fight User-Centric ID

VRM tools = instruments of independence and identity – to enable engagement (w/ vendors). Customer becomes voluntary participant in a relationship, not a categorized objectified statistic.

Does relationship transcend fear & greed (as motivators for corporations)?

Brands & relationship increase profit – how to express relationship? Kaliyah: What are the protocols involved? Method of engagement?

Value for vendors -- visibility leads to better management

Price less relevant than relationship

Commodity goods ... Passion goods

Avery: Language – legal (liability) identity, contract relationships

    • 3 Tracks: 1.technical 2.Market 3. Language/Law
    • Is there a DNS for VRM?

Joe: 1.relationship – 2. process & principles (a la microformats) 3. single entity or different solutions (personal health different from personal RFP) (Johannes: aren’t they the same thing? The essence of functionality is the same)

Joe: Vendor discovery different from personal RFP, or *as* personal RFP. We need to enable around different domains

Doc: Necessity is the mother of invention; invention mother of necessity

Kevin: Microformats puts data in structure of html -- converge schemas, not like XML, not use this arbitrary schema – no need for import export scripts. – Re-use names of things in other microformats (name, address, these fields are the same, allows for consistency, a uniform set of terms, designations, etc.)

Drummond: relationships persist beyond transaction (brand = recall + relationship or perception) if relationship is about perception, then personal RFP is a small aspect. XRI is about another layer of indentifiers, standard of ID above DNS XRI are to Uri as _________________ (note: I missed this, couldn’t hear) Persistent Identity === XRI can help … FOCUS on advantages of cross references – semantics – markup identifiers XRIs are nanoformats --- synonym mgmt - XRI dictionaries to solve mapping problem

turns mapping into a service ---

Joe: mentioned domain name, redacted in the event Joe has not gone public with this yet (not populated yet)

Doc re search – can a VRM be the pony … that which helps search? – package intentionality for results not for ad medium optimization

Can VRM improve the search experience?

Web: born w/o a directory – chaos requires glue (needles, haystacks) or specificity…coherence Self organizing?

Chris Carfi: vendor-customer --- relationship levels – control -- vendor driven or customer driven – purely transactional in nature (see Chris’s matrix)

Lower left: push/vendor induced/consumer has no power/vendor managed predictive if/then bombardment

Joe : if a relationship is not expressed or expressable, then it is NOT a relationship

DFL: do not confuse relationship w/ perception

ChrisCarfi: “MeVille” reputable anonymity // personal RFP // payment systems // pure transaction in MeVille: vendor orgs maintain transaction history – how is this done in MeVille? Is it necessary? Control, not ownership – of data – who is responsible for maintaining this info? Access to records . . .

General discussion of credit card transactions as an example … individual owning and/or having access to this data – the receipt and the charge card record Joe: not just the charge, but the receipt with the line charges. Gabe: image transmission difficult

Drummond: xRDI = xri data interchange Transaction summary w/ receipt – can be transited XRI rcpt + dictionary service = properly coded data

ChrisCarfi: global village – customer interested in longer term relationshuip – about process, convenience, what it means, external issues --- passion, local merchant, PREFERENCES where price becomes a smaller component of the [purchase] decision.

CC: I want to offer a loyalty program to my vendors

CC: many facets to personal or professional identity


Upcoming NPR meeting: “Doc as emissary from The Net” public non commercial broadcasting

Doc: what are the mechanisms for making something work? Net as inventory of progams Aka Podcasts K: Build an attention payer…create a norm around giving …. A donation should go to the music and the program. On your listening device tracking exists, to record what user has downloaded -- aggregate this data, on a monthly basis distribute this to the artists…paid via the program producer to the artists, et al designate an amount, pay it out pro rata based on attn (listening) paid to programming

DL: all sorts of time/attention intent issues cloud this model – time is not a proper measure of attention, this is a failure of the basic ratings system as it presently exists, and may increase with the PPM

Soundexchange internet radio stations – metrics – repetition—

NPR Stations – need to increase revenues, increase communications back’n’forth with their listeners ***and thus, the VRM model ***

Jake Shapiro Public Radio Exchange PRX – Music brains K spoke with them about i-tags Robert Kaye Microformat for media === metadata Itags: generic tagging for rich media

Kaliyah: “I want to hang out with the TAL community” (TAL = This American Life)


Kevin’s Mediagora (side discussion, relevant although ancillary)

Iain: Info in a shoebox – connected personal info service

1. Privacy preference service (like Do Not Call,across all channels)

2. RFP service -- 2 buckets of XML : I wish to buy, I wish to sell

3. iBroker NY & London – build an identity on the site of the individual that has some sense of identity

append existing “club cards” to each other

Joe’s group – relationships & expressions – see Wiki [1]

TASKS, PLANS Set up regular bi-weekly conference call (note to self: take care of this) 1:30 eastern Thursdays Feb 8th Bold text Growth Topics and areas of concentration: Policy technology marketing Use cases Policy Tracks

Derive policy requirements out of Cluetrain Manifesto

Desired outcome of VRM will become clear through use cases

David & Kaliya work on Open ID involvement Group blog w/ RSS via Venus ( via David) Define – Project VRM Definition VRM on wiki page (all contribute, group effort) Domain brainstorm page (by domain we mean categories, not URLs!) Brainstorm domains Use case scenarios Brett – use case process

Develop commonalities among umbrella categories from the use cases (technical and policy requirements, et al)

Joe domain = the main point …..I wanna work on that – let’s develop boundaries, specifics, etc.

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