Personal Health Records

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The time to explore this topic is now.

The Obama Administration is discussing | personal health records.

We all have our own personal health records. Most of our records are in archives and records departments of various doctors' offices, hospitals, and health care facilities.

Insurance companies also have copies, and many decisions are made based on what's in our records. We may or may not know about the information, its significance, or its effects on our policies.

The medical profession has a key stake in having standards in place that facilitate proper access to necessary records. The | VA Hospital, | Kaiser Permanente, and the | Mayo Clinic are models of patient records exchanges. Notable players in this space are | Microsoft and | Google.

There are at least a couple of groups (| Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, | ) working on making patient records interoperable.

What's going on? How can we help? What skill sets can we bring to the table?